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This Startup is Refurbishing Educational Gaming by Adopting Metaverse

Metaverse describes digitally connected universes that allow users to traverse virtual space in digital avatars.

Abhinav-Anand Founded in 2020 by Amit Khaitan and Abhinav Anand, QuizBee develops mobile games that assist in gamifying the education sector and ensure that the users have fun while learning through the Game-Based Learning (GBL) technique and seeing actual results. QuizBee offers a variety of paid challenges in categories such as movies, cricket, travel, general knowledge, and challenging riddles. By adopting the metaverse, QuizBee is planning to create an in-person quizzing space eventually where you feel like you are in a room with participants playing quizzes like those real time quiz shows. Abhinav Anand, CTO & Co-founder of QuizBee during an interaction with Nitisha highlights the potential of a metaverse in the educational gaming industry.

Kindly talk about metaverse and its benefits for the Indian market.

Metaverse is currently in a very early stage in terms of adaptation. It’s coming up very fast though as a lot of people are trying to get on the Metaverse bandwagon early in the cycle.  Benefits of metaverse for Indian market are exactly the same as any other market because it is at the end of the day nothing but move involved and satisfying user experience but the problems in Indian market surely will be different from some other countries because for one Metaverse will need very fast internet speed which is still available in a very small portion of our country.

According to you, how metaverse can be useful for students and the gaming industry.

As I said metaverse provides a more involved and satisfying user experience for existing features. So as a student if you are going through a course on your mobile and the implementation can be in a way that you feel like directly sitting in front of the teacher and studying and then you add a bit of AI to the teacher so he can handle some of the obvious questions that you feel student can ask it’s a very real implementation of a classroom feel which you can yourself image is capable of changing the way we approach studies today. As for gaming, that is one sector where the capabilities are more than any sector as the biggest requirement of a game player is to feel as if he is in the game. That takes it to a level where it’s going to get like quite a few sci fi movies we have seen and I can only imagine where it can take the gaming industry.

Kindly share your views about the adoption of the metaverse.

As I said, it’s still in a very early stage of development. Quite a few companies have started working on it as they want to be the early players in the space but it will take some time before the usage starts attracting people based on what it is truly capable of rather than the hype that is currently around it. Other technology factors like network speed and 3d immersive viewing capabilities will be at play for metaverse to reach its potential. So from an adoption point of view, there is not much to say currently because the market is still to decide how much they will be able to achieve using Metaverse.

Kindly elaborate on QuizBee’s upcoming features focusing on metaverse.

We want to create an in-person quizzing space eventually where you feel like you are in a room with participants playing quizzes like those real-time quiz shows. We are currently in the process of detailing how we will go about it and as previously stated the implementation of metaverse where we believe it will actually make a difference to an application like ours is still some distance away.

Kindly talk about Metaverse security, recent cyberattacks, etc.

Metaverse describes digitally connected universes that allow users to traverse virtual space in digital avatars. Now Security challenges will be exactly what they are today when you send your data over the internet there are chances of that being hacked or you being impersonated.  Cyberattacks happen all the time and they will keep happening but as the adaptation of metaverse grows there will be security-based enhancements as well which will help ensure a safer environment for everyone’s virtual self.

Future plans and marketing strategies for upcoming years.

We are currently working on empanelling a teacher network with our application which will be responsible for adding questions to our game and will ensure that our questions are updated to stay in touch with time.  Also adding more features for our players to interact with our empanelled teachers to clear any doubts they have regarding questions and their solutions that are part of our game. We are currently working to get to our next round of funding so that we can go full throttle on marketing and also work on quite a few features that we want to push through.


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