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This Shanghai based Startup Offers One-Stop Automation Solutions

In the past 12 years, as a rapidly expanding enterprise, KEENON has developed various categories of products.

Derren-WongShanghai-based KEENON ROBOTICS by applying advanced intelligent service robots and AI technology, has created efficient, stable, reliable and practical solutions, helping enterprises in various industries around the world improve service efficiency and realize intelligent upgrading. At present, the Company serves customers from various fields, including catering, medical care, hotel, venue, business office, community pension, and airports. With stable and reliable products, rich global project experience, and efficient and high-quality after-sales service, KEENON ROBOTICS has become the partner of many other well-known brands at home and abroad, including Haidilao, Banu Hotpot, Grandma’s Home, Xin Bai Lu, Sichuan Xiangtianxia, Guangzhou Restaurant, and Spacelab Zero Gravity Restaurant. During an interaction with Nitisha; Derren Wong, Head of Sales, Asia Pacific, KEENON ROBOTICS talks about automation and its demand in the hospitality industry.

Kindly talk about KEENON ROBOTICS and its special offerings.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Shanghai, China, KEENON ROBOTICS specializes in commercial service robots and has become a world-leading pioneer in the unmanned, indoor delivery industry since the launch of its first robot in 2016.

In the past 12 years, as a rapidly expanding enterprise, KEENON has developed various categories of products, including large-capacity robot T2, guiding robots G1&G2, widely-applied robots T5&T6, nimble robot T8, disinfection robot M2 since the outbreak of COVID-19 and high-end hotel service robot W3.

Delivery Robot T2, T5, T6, T8: A food runner robot assists human waiters in swiftly serving and returning used plates, allowing human waiters to save time and focus their energy on customer service, greatly boosting the restaurant’s overall efficiency and service level.

Hotel Service Robot W3: Redefines the hotel guest’s experience in terms of safety and efficiency. For example, a delivery robot can ride the elevator to any floor and deliver room service at any time of day or night, giving the most reliable contactless and privacy-conscious room delivery services.

Guiding Robot G2: Advertisements are displayed on two high-definition digital displays to greet visitors or attract passers-by and direct them to their seats, increasing efficiency while also providing a delightful experience.

Disinfection Robot M2: Professional disinfection lights and sprayers are equipped to efficiently kill both surface and airborne bacteria and viruses, allowing for efficient and timely cleanliness in public spaces.

KEENON Robotics robots are equipped with a fully autonomous positioning and navigation system in tandem with highly sensitive perception and obstacle avoidance technologies to adapt to a variety of complex real-world application scenarios and enable safe, reliable, and efficient service robot solutions.

We also offer KEENON ON-care, an upgraded after-sales service program for our global customers, where our product experts provide you with one-stop repair and maintenance services.

Major countries and regions around the world are equipped with localization teams to support local languages and on-site services. One year warranty is provided since the robot activation. There is robot power-on self-check with real-time report available in the cloud system. Our team can also quickly locate problems and provide solutions in a timely manner.

KEENON ROBOTICS is a strategic partner of Softbank Robotics. In September 2021, KEENON completed a $200M Series D financing led by Softbank Vision Fund 2 (SVF2), marking the largest funding ever received by a service robot company.

Kindly talk about your latest launch.

The latest addition is our T8. The Delivery Robot T8 is an adorable and capable restaurant and hotel assistant with an elegant and compact structure. This new model is equipped with a centimeter-level positioning system which allows it to navigate narrow spaces with ease. It can also connect and collaborate with other units to execute more complex delivery jobs, reducing response times to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for guests.

How does KEENON define itself different from others?

Founded in 2010, we are a global award-winning technology pioneer of indoor intelligent autonomous distribution robots. We are dedicated to creating a seamless everyday lifestyle for our end consumers through the products we create.

None of this would be possible without a sizable investment from our R&D technology team who work hard every day to develop new cutting-edge hardware and software that constantly improve our range of robots.

Through these efforts, our leading autonomous robots can be found in premium restaurants, hotels, bars, and hospitals around the world. Thanks to our team’s dedication to their craft, we have won multiple prestigious awards and created important industry-leading patents. We assisted in the formulation of safety standards for service robots and helped to create CR, CE, and KC certifications in the robot market.

Just like our robots, we work with our clients around the world to ensure their satisfaction with our products.

We are proud of our outstanding R&D team, developing a wide range of patented technologies that we utilize in our products.

Self-developed patented items are modular delivery robot, the robot starts positioning, multi-channel laser driver and electronic equipment, multi-beam laser ranging sensor, zero blind zone test system, robot chassis, device synchronization system, non-contact communication device, two-way wireless communication non-contact power supply system, and disinfection robot interactive control system.

What are your future plans and agenda to make your project more advanced?

Up to now, KEENON has established six business regions across Asia Pacific, North America, South America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. With over 20,000 robots operating in more than 600 cities daily, KEENON robots serve in all sorts of fields such as restaurants, hotels, airports, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and so on. The total service distance can circle the earth 160 times. In addition, numerous business partners at home and abroad join hands with KEENON to build an intelligent service business circle. KEENON will step up efforts to ensure a harmonious coexistence between humans and technology, utilizing artificial intelligence to upgrade and improve people’s lifestyles.

Please explain the importance and value of automation.

We believe automation can assist to liberate people from tedious, repetitive and dangerous work and make it easy for people to focus on living a better life and better things.

Automation can fulfill the given tasks quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Since the global pandemic outbreak in 2020, the need to minimize human-to-human direct contact has also increased the importance of automation.

A growing number of restaurants are employing robot waiters, which can perform the heaviest food delivery tasks with mobility to reduce the risk of staff injuries. The delivery is also very suitable, especially for the post-epidemic era, reducing the transmission risk and transmission probability in food delivery thus effectively protecting the health of staff and customers.

Furthermore, human interaction with automation in the food and hospitality industry might attract awareness and exposure and boost customers’ visits, leading to revenue generation in the end.

Robot waiters can also help with publicity. The introduction of robot waiters will further enhance the image of the restaurant, which can increase customer flow and social media exposure. Through the sharing of customer on various social media platforms, higher publicity can be generated effectively, increasing online and offline customer flow.

In addition to restaurants, many hotels are also implementing innovative transformations. Service robot can ensure the efficiency of delivery during peak hours, reduce the repetitive workload, save guests from anxious waiting, allow hotel staff to focus on other service and eventually improve overall guests’ experience.

Also, with the repeated occurrence of the pandemic and the severe mutation of the virus, the scope of transmission and the difficulty of detection have escalated again, and the prevention and control have once again drawn the public’s attention. Disinfection and sterilization play an essential role and serve as an effective means of pandemic prevention and control.

Conventionally, disinfection and sterilization are manually conducted by medical staff using disinfection spray. This may be difficult to protect the safety of medical staff fully. Public is also paying more attention to seek technological support to assist the staff, among which the disinfection robot is a robust measure of scientific epidemic prevention.

Automation is an additional device to support human tasks and solve problems in people’s daily life. There is no competition between automation and humans, as humans can never be replaced.


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