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This Startup Offers Smart-Electric Scooters with Swappable Batteries

Setul ShahRunR Mobility, based in Gujarat aims to make a mark in the space of sustainability-manufactured innovative and affordable products that will accelerate mainstream adoption of renewable energies. The company manufactures 100% indigenous smart-electric scooters with swappable batteries. It boasts a 4.2-acre massive, cutting-edge plant that can build up to 500 vehicles daily. RunR Mobility is among the few EV manufacturers in Asia that own an innovation hub that incorporates in-house battery & motor testing. During an interaction with Nitisha; Setul Shah, Founder, RunR Mobility highlights the battery swapping situation and its pros and cons in the EV industry.

Kindly talk about RunR Mobility and its special offerings.

RunR is a 100% indigenous EV brand, offering products designed and developed in India. As we are giving the swapping battery solutions, users can easily swap the battery or can charge also. We provide the whole ecosystem, a platform for the fleets and end users with all safety precautions.

How RunR Mobility differentiates itself from other EV companies?

We have successfully created the Indigenous ecosystem. We have proprietary of each part of the vehicle and this way we don’t have any dependency. This product is completely made in India and designed as per the needs of Indian roads and consumer so it is more sustainable.

Kindly talk about the battery swapping challenges and its adoption in the EV industry.

The standard of batteries is the biggest challenge as a lot of Players from EV vehicle Batteries are importing their cells from China which are not meant for Indian Conditions also the service part is not that much efficient. But govt has now taken a few steps to establish a new battery swap scheme, It would help in addressing these issues and enable a quicker transition to green mobility. If the govt. will make a standard for EV batteries “The standardization will allow consumers to easily swap batteries without any fitment issue and keep the rider on the go.”

How does RunR Mobility Promote Indigenous EV Charging Solutions?

RunR mobility has partnered up with some EV charging Solutions companies to establish EV charging network across cities in India which will be operated by both RunR mobility and EV charging solutions companies this will enable EV owners to travel stress-free without range anxiety.

How RunR Mobility is planning to bring revolutionization in the EV industry?

RunR products designed are three times more cost-effective than fuel-consuming vehicles. The products are convenient, and integrated with advanced technology, giving users on-time updates about the health and power of products. All RunR products leave zero noise and emission, releasing clean energy into the environment. Also the Good Range of the Product is making it worth both for fleet customers and Individuals. Currently, the firm produces 200 e-bikes daily. It follows a hybrid sales model—selling products both offline and online.

Kindly throw some light on the battery swapping policy and its pros and cons for the Indian market.

Indian market is huge and it is difficult to cover every part single-handed, because of lacking in infra system. We can bring a better solution when 4-5 OEM come together to create a better environment with a single eco system. It will help the EV adoption ratio. On the other hand the swapping battery system is easy for everyone. Anyone with EV can just pull out and pull in the batteries with minimum time and ease. Also in upgradation of technology, speed and range, and battery capacity will push the limits of the charging swapping station. It will help to reduce the charging anxiety of the riders. And for now, if we use this solution for closed system it will definitely reduce CAPEX cost.

What kind of new offering are you planning to announce this year?

We are planning to launch a mid-drive EV Vehicle at Year-end which will be the premium offering from RunR in affordable cost, we have a disruptive package. We are entering the EV market with this price Point to Make EV affordable for Socio-Economy Class.

Scope & Future of Indigenous EV Charging Solutions in India?

We are working with a Spain based company boat power and co-developing the product, testing of designing and mechanism of the product. Under events where EV batteries are exposed to hostile and harsh conditions for a considerable time, the potential risk of lithium-ion batteries exploding becomes a significant concern. Another reason for the desolate future of EVs in India was that individuals could not drive them over longer distances due to the battery capacity. a single Two wheeler EV lithium-ion battery in India costs around 40-50 K and with the entry of the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturing sector in China has hit the ground. This calls for adopting and introducing Indian EV chargers and Indigenous EV charging solutions that can offer better performance and battery life. Holding higher ambitions to fill the Indian roads with EVs by 30%, the automobile industry in India is shifting its focus to electric mobility with the introduction of manufacturing materials. By 2030, India is anticipated to have built a robust EV manufacturing and designing market with the development of many Indigenous EV Charging Solutions in the electric vehicle industry.


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