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This Taiwanese Startup Has Built a Large-Scale Global Access IoT Platform

We believe IoT and Cloud are the foundation of all future-proof techniques and are essential for ESG.

Josh-ChaiFounded in 2017, SoftChef has designed, built, integrated, and operated a large-scale global access IoT platform since day one. SoftChef IoT expertise has also been applied to enterprise online live annual party with 1.5M attendees and remote education systems. These applications were designed with reliability, scalability and cyber security in mind. SoftChef’s solid cloud programming foundation extends different purposes to the emerging digitalized world. During an interaction with Nitisha; Josh Chai, Founder & CEO, SoftChef explains its expertise and future plans.

Kindly talk about SoftChef and its special offerings.

SoftChef offers end-to-end IoT solutions, extendable turnkey IoT solutions, business application development and integration services to help clients accelerate digital transformation.

How SoftChef define itself differently from others?

SoftChef’s unique from others as we born in Cloud and started in Taiwan, which is a country with a wealth of OEM/ODM resources. That makes us familiar with and good at using the cloud technique, hardware integration and IoT network integration. SoftChef is one of the Greater Chin AWS IoT lab partners. One of the constructs hub (open-source construct libraries for use with AWS CDK) publishers is recognized by AWS.

About your latest launch.

NodesFLY is the end-to-end total solution for smart buildings/campuses that it is born to solve the silo applications problem in the market. It’s an extendable IoT solution that can support various IoT protocols such as LoRaWAN, Zigbee, BLE, Modbus, Sigfox, etc. We plan to launch at end of 2022.
– Deployment made Easy & Fast
– Most comprehensive IoT solution
– Interact with IoT sensors in AR mode

Before NodesFLY, is SoftChef’s first product which is launched in 2018. is the world’s first product which can help enterprises auto-provision the global IoT serverless architecture in their own AWS account in one minute. This brings the 3 core advantages to enterprises
– 100% data ownership
– Reducing cloud cost
– Flexible IoT infrastructure

Please explain the importance and value of IoT.

We believe IoT and Cloud are the foundation of all future-proof techniques and are essential for ESG. As we mentioned in the PR, connecting the device to Cloud and collecting data is the first step. Achieve commercial operations needs to combine AI data analytics and business logic to help companies find out more insight and reduce the waste to improve operations and business growth. The most important is to achieve the value of ESG to make the environment, people and governance better.

What are your future plans and agenda to make your project more advanced? 

Short-term plans would focus on NodesFLY’s go-to-market plan, smart building/campus (iBMS) sector and find market opportunities in Southeast Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.


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