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This Startup Makes Batteries For Indian Operating Conditions

Pankaj-SharmaLog9, established in 2015 in IIT Roorkee had made India’s first AI-air fuel cell. In 2020 it developed rapid charge technology for electric vehicles. In 2021, the company commercially launched Rage+ RapidEV in partnership with OSM. In 2022, Log9 established its office in Delhi. The company offers RapidX range of batteries that are the safest, last 10+ years and allow fast charging.  They also have energy storage solutions, ZappUp, catering to residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Pankaj Sharma, Director and Co-Founder, Log9 Materials during a conversation with Nitisha elaborates on his future strategy towards EV enhancement.

Kindly talk about Log9 and its special offerings.

Log9 is an advanced battery tech and deep-tech company based out of Bengaluru. Since our inception, we have been inclined towards solving for electric mobility in our pursuit of pioneering responsible energy.

Our key offerings include the RapidX range of batteries that are the safest, last 10+ years and allow fast charging. We also have energy storage solutions, ZappUp, catering to residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Kindly throw some light on the benefits of EV adoption.

Electric vehicles bring in the opportunity of cutting down on carbon emissions against their ICE counterparts. By ensuring zero tailpipe emissions, electric vehicles are currently the best route to cleaner mobility. Furthermore, transitioning to EVs also allows users to save on fuel costs in the longer run.

Kindly highlight your recent collaborations and deals focusing on the EV industry until now.

Currently, Log9 is working with multiple OEMs across the 2W, 3W, and 4W commercial vehicle platforms. We have partnered with JMT, Hero Electric in the 2W segment, Omega Seiki Mobility, Grevol, and 3eco in the 3W segment, and Northway in the 4W segment.

Besides OEM partnerships, Log9 has also forged collaborations with evolving EV component manufacturers and some leading academic centres involved in proprietary li-ion product development.

How is Log9 better than other EV battery providers? Explain.

Log9 is a deep-tech company invested in creating the entire EV ecosystem indigenously. From li-ion cell and battery manufacturing to developing an in-house Battery Management System and thermal management system to further facilitating fast charging opportunities for the end-users, we are holistically solving the challenges faced within the industry.

Another element that makes us better than other EV battery providers is that we make batteries designed for Indian operating conditions. Our RapidX range of batteries can sustain extreme temperature range of -40 to 65 degrees Celsius, are enabled with rapid charging and are the safest in the market.

According to you, what kind of challenges have been faced by EV operators and how can they be solved?

One of the challenges EV operators face is the uncertainty of the life of EVs. The unpredictability of the degradation profile of the vehicle and the battery involved with the vehicle makes it difficult for buyers to make a decision. Secondly, the lack of charging infrastructure is also a concern for EV fleet operators. Some of the other pertinent challenges include range anxiety and difficulty in financing an EV. Due to unpredictability in regard to performance, safety and reliability, finance companies and banks refrain from lending loans for an EV purchase.

At Log9, we are solving all of these challenges for EV operators. Our fast-charging RapidX batteries are the safest in the market and last for 10+ years. Our batteries come with a payback warranty of 5 years, which builds trust among the EV operators, making it easier for them to decide for purchase. By bringing in BaaS and MaaS business models through our subsidiary Log9 Mobility, we are also collaborating with financial companies to enable battery leasing for the end users.

Kindly talk about your EV batteries and their reach in the Indian market.

Our RapidX range of batteries is designed for India’s extreme operating conditions. Log9 batteries can perform in a temperature range of -40 to 65 degrees Celsius, enables fast charging, and are the safest EV batteries as they don’t undergo thermal runaway despite extreme climatic conditions. Currently, we have commercialized over 3000 batteries and are looking forward to scaling our reach over the months across all vehicle platforms.

What are your marketing strategies for the year 2023?

From a marketing standpoint, we look forward to continuing to forge strategic partnerships with leading OEMs, CPOs, and fleet operators. Log9 will participate in relevant industry-based conferences and events in 2023, building relationships with stakeholders across the EV and energy industry, while accentuating our brand presence.

Any upcoming product launch?

Log9 recently launched its 4W vehicle platform, and we are looking forward to scaling and expanding our product portfolio in the recent future. We will soon launch 2W vehicles InstaCharged by Log9, and a few more 3Ws powered by our batteries are also on the cards. On the technology and innovation front, we will talk more about it on Day Zero, Log9’s flagship event on 21st April 2023.


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