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Analog Devices Unveils New Impedance & Potentiostat Analog Front End

Analog Devices has revealed new electrochemical & impedance measurement front end that enables the next generation of vital sign monitoring devices and intelligent electrochemical sensors.

analog devices AD5940

The AD5940 analog front end from Analog Devices integrates both potentiostat and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) functionality on a single chip, allowing for sensor measurement in both time and frequency domains.

The device features integrated hardware accelerators for advanced sensor diagnostics, best-in-class low noise for accurate sensor measurements and is designed for wearable “always-on” applications.

Compared to traditional discrete solutions which pose limitations and require multiple ICs to achieve similar performance, ADI’s single-chip solution offers advantages in terms of system accuracy and size flexibility to measure 2-Lead, 3-Lead, and 4-Lead electrochemical sensors.

The Key Application of  AD5940 include:

  • Electrochemical measurements
  • Electrochemical gas sensors
  • Potentiostat/amperometric/voltammetry/cyclic
  • voltammetry
  • Bioimpedance applications
  • Skin impedance
  • Body impedance
  • Continuous glucose monitoring
  • Battery impedance

 The Key Features of the device include:

  • 16-bit, 800 kSPS ADC
  • Voltage, current, and impedance measurement capability

        -Internal and external current and voltage channels

        -Ultralow leakage switch matrix and input mux

  • Input buffers and programmable gain amplifier
  • Fast power-up and power-down analog blocks for duty cycling
  • Programmable AFE sequencer to minimize the workload of the host controller
  • 6 kB SRAM to preprogram AFE sequences
  • Ultra-low power potentiostat channel: 6.5 μA of current consumption when powered on and all other blocks in hibernate mode
  • Cycle-accurate control of sensor measurement
  • Sequencer controlled GPIOs

Pricing & Availability

ProductSample AvailabilityProduction AvailabilityPrice per 1000-unit QuantityPackage
AD5940NowReleased$4.173.6 mm × 4.2 mm, 56 ball WLCSP

Further information: Click Here


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