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Another Trend is the Growing Recognition of Using Scope FFT Analysis

Srinivasa Appalla, Sr.Product specialist – Oscilloscope & Value Instruments, Rohde & Schwarz

“To meet the customer demands of multiple features in a compact device, the rapid advancement of integration of components at electronics designs is required”, quotes, Srinivasa Appalla, Sr.Product specialist – Oscilloscope & Value Instruments, Rohde & Schwarz. Sitting alongside, Niloy Banerjee | Consultant Editor | BISinfotech, the veteran further explication on the challenges, way forward and R&S expertise in this dominant future of Automotive and 5G trends. Edited Nub.   

Q1) Firstly, the automotive sector has been deemed to be the driving growth for the oscilloscopes market. What is your opinion on this? Any other domain that you reckon where oscilloscopes are making a mark.

Advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS) will play an increasingly important role in making driving safer and more comfortable. However, a slight error can result in an incorrect assessment of the situation.

Radar is one of the critical components of ADAS which requires comprehensive testing to ensure proper functionality and safety. The radar uses with Linear Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (LFMCW) signals to determine the speed and distance of multiple objects. The time domain analysis of the FM Chirp sequences can be done with oscilloscopes with a lower cost, which is one of the drivers for the growth.

ADAS also uses optical components to visually identify objects together with A.I. to evaluate potential collisions. The high resolutions optical info requires significantly higher data transfer rate, hence many ECU’s (Engine Control Unit) are being implemented with new Ethernet interface backbone such as 100Base-T1 and 1000Base-T1. The oscilloscopes are required to validate physical layer compliance of these interfaces.

Q2) What key factors do you predict will be a challenge to the industry?

To meet the customer demands of multiple features in a compact device, the rapid advancement of integration of components at electronics designs is required. The evolving design raises new challenges for test and debugging. Such “Embedded design” involves testing of time-correlated analysis of analog signals from sensors and RF, as well as digital signals for communication and programming.

To address these requirements, R&S Digital Storage Oscilloscopes has Mixed Signal Option that provides an additional 16 digital channels with deep memory and high sample rate. These scopes can be upgraded with Mixed Signal Option (MSO) at any point of time and upgrade can be done at customer premises which results in minimum downtime of the instrument.

R&S Digital Storage Oscilloscopes have also adopted RF analysis capabilities of our spectrum analyzer to provide up to 4 FFT analysis capability with a spectrogram, offering both time and spectrum domain view simultaneously. This is especially useful to verify and debug signal integrities and circuit behavior.

Q3) What opportunities do you reckon will advent with the arrival of 5G technology?

The objective of deploying 5G Networks – High data rate, mobility, ultra reliability,  very low latency, and long battery life. Advancement of semiconductors, signal processing, and Radio technologies is necessary to achieve these objectives. Multiple-Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) technology is one key element in 5G to use multiple transmission and receiving antenna to optimize beamforming, enhance data throughput and improve performance via antenna diversity.

The MIMO transmitter measurement needs a combination of both spectrum analyzer and digital storage oscilloscope. The analyzer ensures spectral qualities of individual MIMO transmitter channels while the digital storage oscilloscope looks into the pre-coding the overall MIMO setup that defines the beamforming and multiplexing

The oscilloscope simplifies the setup for MIMO measurements because of its four synchronized input channels and represents a more cost-efficient and feasible solution over a test setup with multiple signal & spectrum analyzers. 

Q4) Few trends that will be popular in the oscilloscope market?

As engineers work on more complex and embedded design, they generally prefer multi-functionality in a single box. Oscilloscope today offers analog channels, logic channels, protocol trigger and decode, Arbitrary Function Generator, digital voltmeter, spectrum analysis, etc. This allows simultaneous measurement of analog, logic, and protocol trigger & decode of signals enables time-correlation, which aids in-circuit debugging.

Another trend is the growing recognition of using scope FFT analysis to look into EMI debugging to identify the sources of emission. The scope has a lower investment cost than receiver and spectrum analyzer that makes sense for quick and dirty testing prior to pre-compliance and compliance.

Q5) Lastly, what new development is your company working on aligning with the current market trends?

Rohde& Schwarz has launched new RTP series oscilloscopes, which has Bandwidth up to 8 GHz. These Digital storage oscilloscopes offer the following features, which are critical for debugging.

  1. Realtime waveform update rate of >1,000,000(max) for capturing rare events
  2. The unique digital trigger for precise triggering and triggering up to full bandwidth
  3. Realtime de-embedding for compensation of transmission losses and mismatch probes, adapters, fixtures etc.

To align with the market trends, Rohde& Schwarz has a roadmap to increase the Bandwidth of RTP series in a couple of months.

Series Oscilloscope
RTP Series Oscilloscope


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