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Anritsu Introduces its New Anritsu Climate Change Action PGRE 30

Anritsu Corporation (Hirokazu Hamada)  has recently announced its (Anritsu) Climate Change Action PGRE 30 Plan for Reducing own Greenhouse Gas Emissions (PGRE 30).

Anritsu This PGRE 30 plan aims to increase the share of solar power generation in the renewable energy mix of companies in the Anritsu Group from 1% of total energy consumption in FY2018 to about 30% in FY2030.

PGRE 30 is Anritsu’s ambitious attempt to exceed Japan’s 2030 renewable energy target from 22% to 24% (7% of which is from solar generation).

Our mission is to achieve the PGRE 30 goal through the introduction and increase of solar power generation to power up Anritsu’s three principal business operations – the Atsugi HQ in Kanagawa, the Koriyama Factory in Fukushima, and the Morgan Hill Campus in California.

Target 7.2 in the SDGs goal No.7 promotes increasing the share of renewable energy in the world’s energy mix. To that end, Anritsu strives in the realization of PGRE 30 worthy call.

Background to Approach

As countermeasures to the problems of climate change and manmade global warming, the COP21 Paris 2015 accord passed a resolution to not exceed, the greenhouse gas emissions, the global temperature rise by 2°C when compared to the temperature of pre-industrial levels. This approach became the key issue among the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN in the same year.

Consequently, Anritsu decided to promote the PGRE 30 by generating its own indispensable electricity for its business operations. Through these initiatives, Anritsu aims to increase the share of its private renewable energy generation from 1% of its energy consumption in FY2018 to about 30% in FY2030.

The company is promoting the concept of contributing the SDGs by “Recognize own issues” and the PGRE 30 plan is one approach to achieving this. Moreover, these activities do not preclude the future possibility of purchasing RECs as well.


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