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Anritsu Supports 5G Device EPS Fallback Tests

Anritsu Corporation shared support for 5G-device EPS Fallback tests using the company’s SmartStudio NR MX800070A control software for the 5G test platform MT8000A.

In the 5G NR Stand Alone (SA) mode, there are two voice communications methods: One is Voice over NR (VoNR) by connecting only to an NR cell, and the other is VoLTE by using EPS Fallback. At the initial stage of services using the SA mode, most voice communications will be by VoLTE using EPS Fallback due to service area limitations and network-side deployment conditions.

 With this Anritsu development, EPS Fallback function can be tested efficiently by using an easy-to-use GUI without requiring scenario development.

Development Background

As the switch to All IP (Internet Protocol) becomes commonplace with widespread deployment of 4G LTE services, operators are offering various services, including voice communications, using IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS). Despite the convenience of diversifying services, functions using IMS require many costly tests, and the spread of future 5G NR SA-mode services will see a shift from Evolved Packet Core (EPC) technology used by LTE and the 5G NR Non Stand Alone (NSA) mode to the Next Generation Core (NGC) technology, helping strengthen network functions. This core network change requires a new environment, such as an IMS server, to perform evaluations, and even confirmation of voice connections, such as EPS Fallback and VoNR, requires provision of an IMS server and a multisystem environment (NR/LTE).

With a built-in IMS server function, users offering new services can test IMS functions using SmartStudio NR without configuring a difficult test environment.


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