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Anritsu Upgrades its MP2110A Sampling Oscilloscope

Anritsu Corporation has launched its Signal Processing Software Option-098 adding upgraded functions for evaluating PAM differential electrical signals to the BERTWave Sampling Oscilloscope MP2110A.

Anritsu This new option supports standards-compliant measurement of IEEE 802.3 optical-module electrical interfaces to facilitate faster communications at data centers and mobile networks by upgrading evaluation efficiency for 50 to 400G optical modules using PAM4 technology.

To meet these upgraded interconnectivity requirements, while continuing to support PAM4 optical interface measurements, Anritsu has now added support for measurement of IEEE 802.3 PAM4 electrical interfaces to its popular MP2110A used by many makers as a sampling oscilloscope for manufacturing optical modules.

The BERTWave MP2110A is an all-in-one instrument combining a sampling oscilloscope for evaluating communication signal waveforms and a BERT for measuring bit error rates.

Various upgrade options are available for customizing the number of sampling-oscilloscope channels, etc., to configure a cost-effective test environment matching requirement. Fast, all-at-once and parallel measurement of four channels assure high production-line throughput.

Adding this newly released Option-098 adds new support for measurement of PAM4 electrical interfaces to the current support for the various IEEE 802.3 PAM4 optical modules now on the market.

Measurement using the IEEE 802.3 digital filter and equalizer is also supported. Moreover, the new Embedding/De-embedding function facilitates calibration of the measurement environment, including cables, etc. Installing the built-in Clock Recovery Option-054 permits configuration of a trigger-signal-free measurement environment.

BERTWave MP2110A Features

  • Simultaneous built-in single/dual/quad-channel sampling oscilloscope and BERT
  • Sampling oscilloscope with world-beating sensitivity for analysis of optical signals from 26-Gbaud NRZ to 53-Gbaud PAM4 plus optional built-in clock recovery unit
  • Fast and stable measurement using built-in PC


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