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AOTS, DOCOMO & MI to Work on 5G Technical Training Trial

The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS), NTT DOCOMO (DOCOMO), and its Thailand-based subsidiary Mobile Innovation (MI) have decided to collaborate on a trial that will evaluate the feasibility of delivering AOTS’s technical training programs remotely from Japan to overseas countries.

DOCOMO The trial will utilize the 5G network capabilities and solutions of DOCOMO and MI, and will make use of the RealWear smart glass display and AVATOUR 360-degree remote presence solutions.

The trial will run from today until 31 March 2022.

During the trial period, Japanese enterprises participating in AOTS training programs will help to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of 5G solutions in providing remote practical training and technical guidance.

AOTS is a Japan-based human resources development organization that supports developing countries by promoting technical cooperation through training, the dispatch of experts, and other support programs. AOTS engages with Japanese enterprises to provide training programs — from management training to on-site technical training — both in Japan and overseas, and dispatches experts to improve the technical level of the local employees of Japanese enterprises and their local partners in overseas countries.

The RealWear solution being utilized during the trial features a 100% hands-free head-mounted smart glass display panel worn by the trainee or user in the remote location.

The 5G solutions being trialed will enable trainers in Japan to ascertain the physical environment of trainees in Thailand remotely while conducting real-time training on practical operations.

They will also provide trainees in Thailand the opportunity to “virtually” visit factories, construction sites and other facilities in Japan and study their operations, making them feel as if they were physically there. The trial will also assess the feasibility of transferring technology know-how and the skills required to maintain Japanese levels of quality across a wide range of industries overseas.

AOTS will introduce DOCOMO and MI solutions to Japanese companies planning to implement remote technical training as effective support tools that help deliver smooth training sessions.

Leveraging their 5G solution know-how, DOCOMO and MI will also propose use cases and on-site operational assistance for Japanese enterprises that are considering deploying the RealWear smart glass display and AVATOUR 360 camera solutions for implementing remote technical training.


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