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Apple Likely to Hire Rival Samsung for Making ‘A13’ Chip

Apple is considering a possible association its biggest rival Samsung or Intel for making its top-of-the-line "A13" chip for iPhone models next year.


Apple is considering a possible association with its biggest rival Samsung or Intel for making its top-of-the-line “A13” chip for iPhone models next year.

Apple is likely to stick with 7-nanometer chipset designs for 2019 iPhone and iPad processors.

According to the sources, the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) enjoyed the benefits of being the go-to pick for Apples’ chip making, but the 7+ nanometer processor with ‘Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography’ wouldn’t be so easy for TSMC to be integrated so quickly. Samsung could achieve integration sooner and win Apple’s business.

It is relevant to note that both Samsung and Apple have not worked together on a chip for almost three years.

The report added that even if Samsung is selected to lead the production of the ‘A13’, it could be joined by other suppliers. Apple typically gives orders to multiple suppliers to ensure new iPhone models reach the market on schedule.

Looking back, Samsung was once the exclusive manufacturer of Apple’s A-series processors for iPhones and iPads.

Apple had migrated to TSMC when the competition and legal battles between the two tech titans increased.

Notably, TSMC now enjoys a monopoly oversupply and that could be a reason for Apple to bring Samsung back in, since it could force chip prices down, according to Apple Insider.

Samsung, however, already develops OLED panels for the iPhone X and is expected to do so for the 2018 models as well.

Although the display technology is more common now, Samsung seems to be one of the few companies to have mastered the production and Apple continues leaning on Samsung due to its experience.

TSMC would continue to be the iPhone-maker’s primary supplier for this year.

The “A12” chip which is a 7nm-based chip, has entered mass production and is expected to make its way inside three new iPhone models scheduled to be released soon.


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