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WebXpress Aims to Achieve 50% Growth in 2022-2023

WebXpress connects and bridges the gap between rural and urban India.

Apurva-MankadWebXpress, founded in 2004, is a global transportation and logistics SaaS provider, headquartered in Mumbai. WebXpress serves over 100 leading supply chain companies and 10,000 users. With one of the best clientele bases, WebXpress connects and bridges the gap between rural and urban India. Founded by Apurva Mankad, Founder & CEO, WebXpress is a cloud-native digital logistics platform. While talking with Nitisha from BISinfotech he explained how the technology can help change the traditional logistics industry. He said the companies will need to rapidly modernize their old systems, and invest in technology such as IoT, Control Towers, etc.

Kindly highlight the journey and growth of WebXpress.

  • WebXpress was started with an aim to bring latest technology to a highly unorganized but very crucial sector- Logistics. WebXpress built its Transportation Management solution combining customer needs with technology and process know-how of founder team.
  • With advent of Cloud, WebXpress then transformed into a SaaS based solution that covers entire rainbow of transportation solution from e-commerce to Express to Hyperlocal to Full Truck movement. Today, WebXpress processes over 3.5 million orders and analyzes over 100 mn IoT signals every month.
  • WebXpress is all set to increase its customer base by 10 times and revenues by 15 times over next 3-4 years.

How WebXpress is leveraging SaaS to build the logistics ecosystem?

  • SaaS is perfect fit for logistics industry- given its fragmented nature and large number of players. WebXpress has built an “Industry Solution” combining ground level practices of 100+ logistics companies
  • Thus, a new customer can offer same set of service level as a large company- but with fraction of investment
  • WebXpress has also built in API connections with customers, GPS partners, GST network, Toll operators.

Post-Covid is the logistic industry facing challenges? Your company’s vision to help overcome these tussles for the industry?

  • Logistics industry was affected most but has displayed great resilience. Pandemic has reinforced need for efficiency through digitization.
  • WebXpress helps companies reduce costs through improving productivity of resources. For example, our route planning solution helps a logistics company to carry our more deliveries with same vehicle and staff. Our Control Tower automatically monitors any late vehicles and alerts logistics team to handle the same.
  • Customers are increasingly asking for real-time data. Our bar code and QR code solution help logistics company to track every box and inform customers at every stage of movement.

What are green logistics and the company’s vision toward it?

  • With increased focus on Climate change, the supply chain industry is under pressure to clean up its act. Transportation accounts for 17% of Global GHG emissions- and electric vehicles are the obvious answer.
  • Electric bikes for last-mile delivery, solar rooftops for warehouses, optimized truckloads to reduce emission per kg- many such initiatives are gathering pace
  • WebXpress is developing a “Green Index” to measure carbon emission for every activity in logistics. This will help companies focus on specific areas to reduce their emissions and in the process also save costs

How technology can help change the traditional logistics industry and key tech trends to empower the sector?

  • With entry of slew of tech-enabled players, traditional companies are feeling the heat. They will need to rapidly modernize their old systems, invest in technology such as IoT, Control Towers.
  • Some of the key tech trends they can adopt are SaaS solutions, CRM systems, GPS and SIM tracking systems, Procurement software

What kinds of hiring plans your company is going to follow in 2022?

  • We are hiring aggressively to prepare for multiple product launches planed in 2022. We are hiring tech talent, analytics teams, project managers.
  • WebXpress hires a lot of young talent as they bring new ideas, are very aware of threats from climate change, and are keen to make a difference
  • We are targeting a team size of over 250 from present 100 people

What are the latest trends in the logistics industry for 2022?

The year 2022 promises to be year of sensors and devices in the world of supply chain and logistics. With rollout of 5G taking place, the enabling infrastructure to get real time massive data will be available in a widespread manner. Some of trends we see are:

Package level tracking

Many years ago, companies such as Walmart experimented with RFID tags – but technology was expensive and much ahead of its time. Now, in 2022, package level scanning using technology such as BLE has become viable.

Digital Twin of vehicles

As we have seen in case of self-driving cars and high-end electric vehicles- massive data about vehicle movement is available in real time creating a digital twin. This technology will now be applied to commercial vehicles. While older models of vehicles can provide limited data, newer vehicles provide immense information.

Video Analytics

Technology such as Cognitive AI have become commonplace. Same will now be applied to all aspects of a warehouse. Vehicle docking, tracking of human operators, CCTV based attendance are becoming common tools across Smart Warehouses and will be deployed widely.

How was the year 2020-21 in terms of business?

Post-pandemic, we have seen our customer base grow by over 50%. Our sales for FY 2021-22 grew by over 35%, and we are looking at growing by over 50% in 2022-2023.


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