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Aquafadas Cloud Authoring largesse digital publishing to the cloud

AquafadasMONTPELLIER, FRANCE: Aquafadas, cutting-edge developer of digital publishing solutions pronounced the release of its novel cloud-based digital publishing platform, Aquafadas Cloud Authoring.

Aquafadas Cloud Authoring permits publishers of all shapes and sizes quickly and easily convert PDF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF files into apps, ePUBs and Web Reader files. Simple-to-use production tools, such as crop and reorder, along with unique enrichment features like Aquafadas Guided Reading, lets users perfect content flow and augment reader involvement.

The platform’s one-click export options makes it easy to distribute the final file output – eBooks, followed by magazines, newspapers, corporate collateral – across tablets, smartphones and the web.

“With the massive print-to-digital undertaking happening in the publishing industry, there is an urgent need for a digital publishing solution that automates tedious file conversions as well as simplifies the distribution processes. This is the essence of Aquafadas Cloud Authoring,” said Thomas Ribreau, technical director at Aquafadas.

Rhetoricising further that – “Automation, ease of use and speed are the three main ingredients in Cloud Authoring and they serve just about every digital publisher’s needs. With Aquafadas Cloud Authoring, you can quickly and easily repurpose your existing content into an app or eBook regardless of your digital publishing technical knowledge.”

Users can access Aquafadas Cloud Authoring from a standard web browser, implicating that there is no need for Adobe InDesign or other applications. Publishers simply upload files into Aquafadas Cloud Authoring, fill out the metadata, organize page layout and add enrichments. Before purchasing the final product license, users can preview five pages of the document for free.

For more complex digital publishing projects, publishers can power the advanced workflow competencies of Cloud Authoring. Ribreau expounds that, “With a bit of help from Aquafadas, publishers can to tap into Cloud Authoring’s workflow engine to facilitate complex jobs such as batch-converting thousands of files or constructing template-driven publications in a matter of minutes, sometimes even seconds.”

Aquafadas Cloud Authoring is available at $130.00 per file export. Pricing is based on type of licenses purchased.


Jawed Akhtar

A Journalist by interest and a Music Enthusiast by passion. Wedded to Mother Nature, Jawed indulges his aesthetics in travelling and reading books of varied genres. Having covered News stories for top Dailies in his formative years, that is, he is game for tryst with Technology at Techmagnifier.

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