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Are Smart Devices Really Smart for Hackers?

Smart devices securityThe onset of smart devices in today’s fast-paced world has revamped the current reality of everyone’s home lives. Leaning towards a smart home while having an ease of comfort in handling every day’s household works with just a touch of your fingers or by voicing your commands, has set the standards of people’s perception of living comfortably to a whole new level.

Whether it is a simple task of switching ON/OFF of fans, lights, etc. or making your coffee ready for when you get up or getting your oven ready to heat your dinner up for when you get home, everything can be now controlled with just a simple touch while you’re away from home with the help of your smartphone.

A smart connected home can make one’s life easier and more enjoyable. However, like every coin possesses two opposite sides, the flip side of this easy living comes with a downside too. Usage of these smart devices or, IoT also means that your fridge, coffee machine, heating system, as well as your security system all store personal data. Every connected IoT device is a data collector in its own right.

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