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Arm Brings Automation to IoT Connectivity Management

Arm is launching Pelion Connectivity Management 2.0. The company said that the launch was a result of the consistent message from the mobile network operators (MNOs) that, automation is the key to removing the connectivity barriers required for IoT to scale. The Pelion Connectivity Management 2.0 includes a new advanced automation engine.

Arm Brings Automation

As businesses undergo digital transformation, automation will be at the heart of increasing productivity, reducing costs and creating new opportunities. From an Internet of Things (IoT) perspective, we believe that today’s manual processes will fall short in meeting the demand of a world where billions, and ultimately trillions, of devices, need to be connected and managed.

The previous offering already provided MNOs the simplicity of a single platform for managing IoT connectivity across all their device’s lifecycles. With the latest release, MNOs can now drive additional revenue opportunities by enabling their enterprise clients with capabilities for automatically configuring their IoT devices.

These new automation capabilities significantly improve the IoT services, speed and reliability of connectivity that MNOs deliver to their enterprise customers – whether it’s the provisioning of new devices or ensuring monthly bills never go over a set threshold.

The Key Automation Features available with Pelion Connectivity Management 2.0 include:

  • Real-time data triggers: Create rules that are triggered by what’s happening in the physical world
  • Seamless remote Subscriber Identity Module (eSIM) provisioning management: As devices travel the globe, the automation engine ensures the correct service and commercial configuration
  • Automating business processes: Reduce operational costs in IoT deployments and improve profit margins for MNOS providing IoT services

In addition, these new automation features are also a catalyst Arm’s new agreement with NOS, one of the largest mobile network operator in Portugal.

Arm is also the first mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to roll out an automation engine directly to global enterprises, the company said in its announcement.

The company significantly aims to help enterprises overcome the challenges of moving from pilot IoT projects to a global scale. It simply hasn’t been feasible for enterprises to directly manage manually every device when your IoT deployment spans thousands of devices, multiple countries, and different mobile networks. Pelion Connectivity Management eliminates these administrative barriers by providing automation at scale through a single pane of glass.

The new automation engine features come standard with Pelion Connectivity Management 2.0, which is now available globally for MNOs. Select enterprise customers will also have access to a beta version of these features.

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