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Arm Flexible Access Gives Chip Designers the Freedom to Experiment

Arm is expanding the ways existing and new partners can access and license its technology for semiconductor design. Arm Flexible Access is a new engagement model enabling SoC design teams to initiate projects before they license IP and pay only for what they use at production. Through the solution, businesses will enable their design teams with more freedom to experiment, evaluate and innovate.

Arm Flexible Access

Arm’s several partners, AlphaICs, Invecas and Nordic Semiconductor, have already signed on to this new Arm engagement model and have access to a wide range of IP products, support tools and training. Arm Flexible Access complements standard Arm licensing which will continue to be the best option for partners seeking access to Arm’s full product portfolio and most advanced IP.

Typically, partners license individual components from Arm and pay a license fee upfront before they can access the technology, but with the new technology, they pay a modest fee for immediate access to a broad portfolio of technology. This portfolio includes all the essential Intellectual Property (IP) and tools needed for a SoC design, making it easier to evaluate or prototype with multiple IP blocks before committing to licenses.

IP available through Arm Flexible Access includes the majority of Arm-based processors within the Arm Cortex A, -R and -M families. It also includes Arm TrustZone and CryptoCell security IP, select Mali GPUs, system IP alongside tools and models for SoC design and early software development. Access to Arm’s global support and training services are also included.

Rene Haas, president, Intellectual Property Group, Arm, commented,  “By converging unlimited design access with no up-front licensing commitment, we are empowering existing partners and new market players to address new growth opportunities in IoT, machine learning, self-driving cars and 5G.”

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