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New Arm IP brings intelligent, immersive experiences to mainstream markets

Giving developers access to high-performance AI and media IP solutions optimized for everyday devices enables new AI driven use cases, with features such as voice recognition and always-on capabilities, no longer unique to mobile.

arm 2AI intelligence is now everywhere from gaming devices to digital TVs (DTVs), and increased compute at the endpoint is required to allow for these responsive experiences.

For example, intelligent experiences in DTVs range from smart assistant voice commands, real-time translation for shows in another language, and face recognition to enhance parental controls.

To deliver this, I’m pleased to announce that Arm is launching two new mainstream ML processors, as well as our latest Mali graphics and display processors. Together, this IP represents Arm’s ability to scale, bringing premium experiences to everyday and ultra-efficient consumer devices.

Ethos-N57 and Ethos-N37 NPUs: enabling truly heterogeneous compute

Following the earlier introduction of the Arm ML processor (now referred to as the Ethos-N77), the Ethos-N57 and Ethos-N37 are the newest members of the Ethos NPU family. Arm Ethos is a suite of products designed to solve complex AI and ML compute challenges allowing the creation of more personalized, immersive experiences in everyday devices. As consumer devices become smarter there is a need for additional AI performance and efficiency via dedicated ML processors. Optimized for the most cost and battery life-sensitive designs, the new Ethos NPUs deliver premium AI experiences on our everyday devices.

Mali-G57: GPU that brings intelligent and immersive experiences to the mass market

Mali-G57 brings premium intelligent and immersive user experiences – such as high-fidelity gaming, console-like graphics on mobile, 4K/8K user interfaces on DTVs, and more complex augmented and virtual reality workloads – to the mainstream. This is the biggest segment of the mobile market and our recent announcement with Unity highlights our work to further optimize performance on Arm-based SoCs, CPUs, and GPUs, allowing developers to spend more time creating new content.

Mali-D37: Arm’s most area efficient display processor 

The Mali-D37 DPU packs a rich array of display and performance features within the smallest area possible. For the end-user, this means better visuals and performance on lower cost devices where area matters most, such as entry-level smartphones, tablets, and small display screens up to 2K.

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