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Arqit & Blue Mesh Exhibit MQTT Service for Industrial IoT

The project was funded by the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) 5G Trials and Testbeds program.

Arqit Quantum Inc. and Blue Mesh Solutions Limited have finally completed and demonstrated a Quantum Secure “MQTT” (MQ Telemetry Transport) service for Industrial IoT.

Arqit Blue Mesh MQTT IoTThe project was funded by the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) 5G Trials and Testbeds program.

Arqit Founder, Chairman and CEO David Williams, said: “We are delighted to have delivered this capability to enhance the security of Industrial IoT. Our core product QuantumCloud™ delivers stronger, simpler key agreement technology to counter the threats that we read about every day, and it has built in protection against future threats from quantum attack. We believe that QuantumCloud™ delivers a significant advantage to many potential customers in strategic IoT networks by solving the encryption problems of MQQT and guaranteeing privacy.”

Managing Director for Blue Mesh Solutions, Richard Brooks said: “Having the opportunity to work with Arqit’s QuantumCloud™ to build the world’s most secure over-the-air IoT Sensor Data Solution is hugely important for the future of IoT, artificial intelligence, condition monitoring, autonomous transport and any number of digital systems that require the highest level of asset and data security. By increasing IoT data security to a quantum secure level, we can help to protect all power, chemical, transport and energy assets that need the highest level of operational data security.”

The global market for the Industrial Internet of Things is potentially very large. However, due to the limited computing resources typically used in IoT sensors and the proliferation in the number of endpoints, encryption is often overlooked with 83% of all online IoT transactions being in the plain text according to the cloud security company Zscaler.

Arqit and Blue Mesh collaborated to integrate Arqit’s QuantumCloud to secure sensor network equipment through a security enhancement to an internationally standardized protocol known as MQTT which is a ubiquitous method used for sending data from Industrial IoT devices to cloud servers for data manipulation and analysis.

Adding a security layer to the existing MQTT standard increases the protection of IoT systems used in strategic assets such as ports, petro-chemical industries and rail networks.


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