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Array Networks Adopted Virtualization Model Far Before it Came into the Mainstream

Cloud computing and new virtual prophesies is cultivating sophisticated network architectures. The global Application Delivery Networking heavyweight, Array Networks has been ruling this province around the clock. Getting alongside Shibu Paul, Regional Director – India, GCC and SEA at Array Networks, BIS Infotech rediscovered their recently launched – AVX Series Network Functions Platform. On the heels, Mr. Paul also decisively covered various other aspects revolving around today’s CIOs strategies, Software-define culture and Array Networks business in India and expanded geographies. Excerpts.

Shibu Paul | Regional Director – India, GCC and SEA at Array Networks

1Kindly share an anecdote on your latest roll out – AVX Series Network Functions Platform

Today, data centers grow in complexity and expectations, networking and security professionals are looking for ways to gain agility through software-centric approaches; however, many still rely on hardware to meet the requirements of business-critical operations. Array’s Network Functions Platform eliminates this trade-off, combining the best attributes of dedicated hardware, virtualization, and software-centric computing to create an environment that provides guaranteed performance for networking and security virtual appliances.

Array Networks AVX Series is a line of purpose-built, virtualized hardware systems designed for multi-tenancy and engineered to host multiple Array and third-party virtual application delivery, networking and security functions while maintaining the guaranteed performance.

Array’s Network Functions Platform combines the best attributes of dedicated hardware, virtualization, and software-centric computing to create an environment that provides guaranteed performance for networking and security for virtual appliances. The AVX Series Network Functions Platform hosts Array application delivery virtual appliances, such as load balancing and SSL VPN, as well as best-of-breed networking and security virtual appliances from third-party vendors. It has the capability to consolidate up to 32 load balancers in the AVX platform.

2.What are the key sectors Array networks are primarily focusing with their new AVX Series Network Functions Platform?

 We are primarily targeting the Enterprise, CSP/MSP, BFSI and Government sectors. We are also looking forward to expanding it in other sectors as well.

 3.Today business is helming towards service-centric from product-centric, wherein virtualization is playing a pivotal role. How Array Networks as a company and its product are being tailored for the changing dynamics of the market.

Array Networks has adopted the virtualization model far before it came into the mainstream and was one of the early movers in this section. We have made all our product range available in virtualized models and served many satisfied customers in this sphere. We have made an incredible transition from a product company to a platform company to provide virtualized network functions.  Our latest AVX series, a network function platform offering virtualized network solutions with guaranteed performance, is a step in this direction.

4.Security is becoming prevalent concern for adopters of virtual and cloud environment. What protocols and technology does Array Networks leverage to keep secure customers and their assets?

 We are aware of the fact that the use of Cloud is expanding. It is a new normal for enterprises. But still there are organizations that are reluctant to adopt cloud because of security concerns. The lack of visibility into sensitive information in the cloud can result in costly data breaches. As we are evident to the massive breaches around the world in the past a few years, we make sure that our customers shouldn’t fall prey. Array Networks is one of the few VPN vendors who provide FIPS standard security. Our customers have been protected from vulnerabilities and other malicious attacks over the last decade.

Our operating systems are highly secure and proprietary. Our core focus lying in securing the application layer with solutions like DDoS,WAF makes us distinctive.

 5How has been the market response of AVX Series Network Functions Platform, till date?

We have received a pretty exciting response so far and achieved a good momentum in the reception of AVX series. We have some of the marquee large enterprise accounts using AVX solution and are extremely happy with the performance. There is a huge demand for the AVX from the BFSI, especially in the payment banks. Also, enterprises consolidating their network and security functions find AVX highly effective.Some of the use cases are for SSL interception, instead of 8 boxes currently customer needs to buy only single hardware and host all the solutions.

6. NFV brings along several technical challenges while deploying virtual appliances. One of them is that virtualization may lead to abnormal latency variations and significant throughput instability even when the underlying network is only lightly utilized. And another is the seamless migration from existing network infrastructures. How do you look into these critical matters?

Array’s Network Functions Platform is a flexible alternative that delivers guaranteed performance. By hosting each compute-intensive application delivery function on an independent VM, and by reserving dedicated CPU, SSL, memory and interface resources per VM, each function operates at peak levels.

7.What are the pain points today faced by CIOs while opting a full-grown networking architecture for their

 Nowadays with the growing number of threats and the multiple choices to select the right solution for the business is one of the toughest challenges for CIOs.  With organizations growing in size and value, the networking architecture has become more complex than ever. Choosing over the vendors which can help business deliver performance and remain cost effective while being future proof is the key concern for the CIOs.

     8.What key benefits can businesses tap through a software-centric approach?

Software centric approach is now mains tream and its various benefits are evident. The benefits include, the better cost of operations, faster to market, no inventory and hardware related problems and being feature rich. The other attributed factor helps in lower CAPEX, space, and power combining with high agility and performance.

9.Lastly, what figures do you expect to achieve in this very fiscal year with in-linenextgen product portfolio in the indigenous market?

We are having a good past year in terms of revenue from Array Network’s feature rich portfolio. This year also, we are aiming to continue our extensive growth, to be precise, at least 30% of our revenues will be coming from next  gen platforms.

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