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Array Networks announces availability of mid-range APV7600, high-end APV11600 ADCs

Array Networks Inc

Array’s mid-range APV7600 and high-end APV11600 application delivery controllers (ADCs), are now available with support up to 70,000 2048-bit SSL transactions per second

Array Networks have announced the immediate availability of their latest mid-range APV7600 and high-end APV11600 application delivery controllers (ADCs). Engineered to provide high-performance Layer-7 traffic management and scalable SSL offloading in software-as-a-service (SaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud environments with support up to 70,000 2048-bit SSL transactions per second.

APV Series appliances features include:

  1. High-performance Layer-7 traffic management
  2. Scalable yet affordable SSL offloading
  3. Support up to 70,000 2048-bit SSL transactions per second (TPS)
  4. Deliver the lowest cost per SSL TPS
  5. Supporting 80Gbps and 140Gbps
  6. Has space-saving 2RU design, 10GigE interfaces
  7. Support for a full suite of advanced ADC features like server load balancing, link load balancing, global server load balancing, L7/L4 traffic management, custom scripting, connection multiplexing, SSL acceleration, caching, compression, traffic shaping, IPv6 support, Web application security and N+1 clustering

With Array’s APV7600 and APV11600, providers of secure cloud-based Web applications and services can cost-effectively scale to support any size user base while ensuring a premium end-user experience, the press release states.

It further notes ‘With Array’s APV7600 and APV11600, SSL transactions can be offloaded from virtual ADCs to a dedicated appliance to enable a hybrid solution that combines the agility of virtual with the performance of dedicated.’

“Over the last several years, Array Networks has made significant progress in supporting the needs of new cloud-based service providers. Today, one of the biggest challenges for our cloud customers is how to simultaneously address market demand for virtual and HTTPS solutions,” said Mr Michael Zhao, president and CEO of Array Networks. “With the new APV7600 and APV11600 products, Array has introduced a product and a set of associated solutions that allow cloud service providers to both scale secure software services and at the same time increase utilization of virtual application delivery solutions.”

Array’s APV7600 is an 80Gbps appliance and the APV11600 is a 140Gbps appliance; both models support 70,000 2048-bit SSL TPS and ship standard with all Array application delivery networking features.



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