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Array Networks announces availability of new mid-range AVX7600 virtualized appliance

Array Networks Inc

Array Networks, a global leader in application delivery networking has announced the availability of its latest mid-range AVX7600 virtualized appliance (VA). The AVX7600 VA can support both ADC and SSL VPN instances and supports up to 16 entry, 8small, 4medium or 2large VA’s per system. The AVX7600 VA is presently available for sale, coincides with the availability of new AVX 2.1 software.

The AVX7600 VA offers IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) cloud providers numerous advantages. Firstly, Array’s virtualized instances do not compete for shared hardware resources, that’s why cloud service providers can offer load balancing or secure access as infrastructure services with guaranteed high-performance SLAs (Service-Level Agreement).

Further, service providers don’t need to rack and stack and manually configure stand-alone appliances for each new client. Fresh customers or workloads can alternatively spin up from an automated cloud management system.

“Service providers and enterprises are moving towards cloud and virtualization technologies, but are faced with challenges in maintaining performance and cost-efficiency for networking functions,” stated Paul Andersen, Director of Marketing for Array Networks. “With the AVX7600, these customers get the best of both worlds – the agility and management efficiency of virtual appliances and the performance and scalability of dedicated appliances.”

For an enterprise that depends upon applications from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and others, it’s a common practice to deploy a pair of ADCs for each application for high availability, and isolated VPN solutions for secure access.

Here, Array’s new virtualized appliance permits enterprises to assign virtual ADC instances to load balance multiple applications and assign virtual SSL VPN instances to deliver secure remote and mobile access – all from a single system, the press release states.

In conjunction with support for VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) and Microsoft System Center, the new virtualized appliance offers enterprises a more updated, cost-efficient and responsive path to ensure availability, performance and security for business-critical applications.

While with the new AVX 2.1 software, Array’s existing virtualized appliances achieves the ability to support both vAPV and vxAG VA’s and the ability to mix and match diverse size VA’s.

Highlighted Features of AVX7600:

  1. AVX7600 allows complete flexibility, adaptability per use case; each ADC or SSL VPN instance can support its own version of Array’s OS
  2. It is a 2RU dual-power appliance that supports up to 16 independent instances, each supports feature parity with Array’s APV Series and AG Series dedicated appliances.
  3. Each instance is supported via dedicated CPU, SSL, memory and I/O resources, and customers may purchase the system at ¼, ½, ¾ or full capacity and upgrade to higher capacity as required.



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