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Artificial Intelligence in 2018

What we know about Artificial Intelligence, And What We are trying to Know – All Bundled Inside

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in simple terms is the ability of a machine to do things that is humanly possible or the machines that think like human. This is the debate of the new generation. There are benefits of having it and also the problems that come along with it. It’s like the two sides of the coin.

Why AI is a boon?

The artificial intelligence is beneficial in cases like

  • Daily Jobs and Application.

The use of AI has become a common phenomenon in our everyday lives. It’s obvious that people

nowadays depend on GPS for drives. Smartphone is an apt and an everyday example of how we use artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is widely employed by financial institutions and banking institutions to organize and manage data. Detection of fraud uses artificial intelligence in a smart card based system.

  • Avoiding Errors

Artificial intelligence reduces the error and the chance of reaching accuracy with a greater degree of precision. Since they are machines with metal bodies, they are more resistant and have greater ability to endure the space and hostile atmosphere.They are designed in such a way that they cannot be modified or get disfigured or breakdown in the hostile environment

  • Reduces breaks

Machines, unlike humans, do not require frequent breaks and refreshments. They are programmed for long hours and can continuously perform without getting bored or distracted or even tired.

Now let’s look into why AI is a threat?

  1. Costly

Creation of artificial intelligence requires huge costs as they are very complex machines. Their repair and maintenance incur huge costs.They have programs which needs timely up gradation so that they can work for a long duration. The timely maintenance is an expensive and time consuming process.

2. Unemployment

The humans being replaced by these machines can lead to large scale unemployment.Unemployment is bad for both the firms and the person themselves. People with nothing to do can lead to the destructive use of their creative minds.On the other hand, humans can unnecessarily be highly dependent on these machines if the use of artificial intelligence becomes rampant. They will lose their creative power and will become lazy. Artificial intelligence in wrong hands is a serious threat to mankind in general. It may lead to destruction.

3. Dependency

As seen partially with smartphones and other technology already, humans can become too dependent on AI and lose their mental capacities.

The Artificial Intelligence might not entirely have the good sides, but the truth is that,both the human intelligence and the AI is beneficial. Both the power of technology and the human creative minds can always bring about a lot of changes to any sector. Depending too much on the AI is not a good idea. Many scientists have also found out the advantages of having AI in the long run while the others still consider it to be problematic in the future. The question still remains.


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