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Aruba Eases Enterprise IoT Adoption with New Offerings

Aruba aims to help enterprise customers simplify the adoption of IoT with two new offerings. First, the Aruba ClearPass Device Insight which delivers a single pane of glass for device visibility employing automated device discovery, machine learning (ML) based fingerprinting and identification.

The company said that it has also introduced the Aruba 530 and 550 Series access points, an expansion to the industry’s most advanced family of 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) IoT-ready access points. Together, these solutions allow enterprises to remove IoT security and connectivity barriers while decreasing associated operational costs and complexities.

Aruba’s new ClearPass Device Insight uses machine learning and crowdsourcing to automate the discovery and fingerprinting of all connected devices and IoT devices on any wired or Wi-Fi network — regardless of vendor.

The Key Advantages of the ClearPass Device Insight include:

  • Advanced technology from Aruba’s Data Science Laboratory leverages custom-built deep packet inspection (DPI) to create behavioral profiles that enable precision fingerprinting.
  • ClearPass Device Insight’s cloud delivery platform leverages shared community learnings to identify newly-introduced devices.
  • Used with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager and Aruba’s Dynamic Segmentation security capabilities, IT teams can automate authentication and policy enforcement down to the device and user level, applying different access policies or rules based on the role designated for the device. If any device exhibits abnormal behavior, ClearPass can automatically quarantine or remove it from the network.

Aruba has also expanded its portfolio of next-generation 802.11ax IoT-ready access points to address growing wireless performance requirements as well as accelerate the adoption of IoT solutions.

Aruba ClearPass Device Insight

The Key Benefits Offered by the Access Points are:

  • Like the 510 Series announced in November 2018, the new 530 and 550 Series APs eliminate the need for IoT gateways and the resulting complicated network management requirements, allowing IT teams to easily connect a diverse set of IoT devices and sensors that utilize different protocols.
  • The support of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5 and Zigbee protocols on the new APs allow organizations to connect with 74% of today’s IoT devices.
  • An added benefit of the 530 and 550 Series AP is that Wi-Fi 6 offers improved battery life for battery-powered IoT devices. The protocol allows IoT devices to remain inactive until data needs to be transmitted. As a result, battery powered IoT devices realize significant power savings, reducing the maintenance windows for IT staff.
  • The efficiency improvements in Wi-Fi 6 amount to a faster performing and more efficient infrastructure as well as an enhanced experience for all the clients on the network.

Kenneth Ma, Director and General Manager, Hong Kong, and Macau, for Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, commented, “Aruba is pleased to introduce these important new products to the APAC market, which I am confident will be quickly and practically embraced by a wide range of regional organizations. IoT technology will bring about huge industry changes in years to come — but only with effective solutions and services can this potential be properly unlocked. Aruba is here to help.”

Pricing and Availability

ClearPass Device Insight will begin initial customer shipments in May 2019.

The Aruba 530 and 550 Series AP will be available in May 2019.


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