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ASM Exhibits Advanced Packaging Area Solutions in Productronica 2021

ASM has demonstrated its Advanced Packaging Area solutions in Productronica 2021, for the latest SiP generation with the SIPLACE TX micron and the AMICRA NANO, along with many other innovations.

ASMWith an accuracy of 0.3 microns @ 3 sigma, the AMICRA NANO is considered to be the most precise die-bonder in its class. Due to its outstanding placement accuracy and support for a eutectic high-speed bonding process, the die and flip-chip bonder are particularly well suited for the reliable handling of ultra-small and very thin chips.

As the industry’s technology leader, ASM AMICRA has developed high-resolution imaging systems to support the dynamic alignment system, implemented a fiber laser as the primary heat source for eutectic die bonding, and installed high-resolution motion control systems on a granite base with a special vibration damping system.

With up to 96,000 components per hour, placement accuracies of 25, 20 or 15 microns @ 3 sigma and minimum placement distances of as little as 50 microns, the SIPLACE TX micron stands for advanced packaging and high-density applications with unsurpassed productivity.

The highest accuracy class is achieved with a new vacuum tool that features an exchangeable magnetic plate for rapid product changeovers. The new 4-mm versions of the Smart Feeder Xi also play a role in the fast and exceptionally precise pickups of even the smallest components and dies. They use the latest micro-tapes and vacuum-level the bottoms of the blister pockets to prevent inclined positions of components within the tape.

The new SIPLACE TX micron delivers all this performance in the smallest possible space. Like its predecessor model, it occupies a footprint of only 2.23 by 1.0 meters (approx. 7.3 by 3.3 feet), which makes it a particularly attractive option for tight cleanroom environments thanks to its DIN EN ISO 14644-1 Class 7 certification.

Like all current ASM solutions, the SIPLACE TX micron features a broad range of M2M and networking capabilities.

Open and standardized interfaces such as ASM OIB, IPC-HERMES-9852, IPC-CFX and IPC-SMEMA-9851 allow it to be fully integrated into workflows, higher-level MES/ERP systems, traceability solutions, and the integrated smart factory.


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