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Asset Monitoring System – Impacting Future Businesses

Tracking is the most satisfying feature in e-commerce and the safest way of making a business successful. Whenever we order something, we always eager to know the product’s status and it’s reaching time. There are a lot of thing which get delivered from here to there every day and a feature which provide exact time and status of the products are called Asset Management System.

It also known as asset monitoring and asset management. Apart from asset  status, it also track an asset’s name, type, usage, engine hours, maintenance schedule, or other information, and may send alerts to managers when anything goes amiss.

Sanjay L Srivastav, Director, A’Niche Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd
Sanjay Chawla, Founder & CEO, Daphne Systems

While the scope of asset tracking is large enough to apply to fixed assets such as warehouses and to smaller assets such as laptops or pagers, this guide takes a deeper look at the most vulnerable class of assets: High value, movable ones that must be monitored remotely. Popular assets in this group include construction and moving equipment, railway vehicles, shipping containers, and even portable toilets. While focusing on the same topic, Nitisha from BISinfotech talks with Sanjay L Srivastav, Director, A’Niche Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd and Sanjay Chawla, Founder & CEO, Daphne Systems.

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