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Atos Named Global Leader in Quantum Computing Technologies

Atos has invested, along with partner start-ups Pasqal and IQM, in two major quantum hybridization projects in France and Germany.

Atos has reaffirmed its position as a global leader in quantum computing technologies at the meeting of the 8th Atos Quantum Advisory Board having a group of international experts, mathematicians and physicists.

Atos Quantum ComputingArtur Ekert, Professor of Quantum Physics at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, Founding Director of the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore and member of the Quantum Advisory Board said “We are truly impressed by the work and the progress that Atos has made over the past year. The company takes quantum computing seriously and it gives us great pleasure to see it becoming one of the key players in the field. It is a natural progression for Atos. As a world leader in High-Performance Computing (HPC), Atos is in a unique position to combine its existing, extensive, expertise in HPC with quantum technology and take both fields to new heights. We are confident that Atos will shape the quantum landscape in years to come, both with research and applications that have a long-lasting impact.”

“Building on CERN’s unique expertise and strong collaborative culture, co-development efforts are at the core of CERN QTI. As we explore the fast-evolving field of quantum technologies, access to the Atos Quantum Learning Machine and Atos’ expertise can play an important role in our quantum developments roadmap in support of the high-energy physics community and beyond,” says Alberto Di Meglio, Coordinator of the CERN Quantum Technology Initiative. “A dedicated training workshop is being organized with Atos to investigate the full functionality and potential of the quantum appliance, as well as its future application for some of the CERN QTI activities.”

“Atos is the world leader in the convergence of supercomputing and quantum computing, as shown by these two major and strategic projects we are involved in France and Germany. At a time when the French government is expected to announce its plan for quantum computing, the durability of our Quantum Board, the quality of the work carried out and the concrete applications of this research in major projects reinforce this position,” comments Pierre Barnabé, interim co-CEO and head of Big Data and Cybersecurity at Atos.

Atos has invested, along with partner start-ups Pasqal and IQM, in two major quantum hybridization projects in France and Germany.

Held at Atos’ R&D center, dedicated to research in quantum computing and high-performance computing, in Clayes-sous-Bois, in the presence of Atos’ next CEO, Rodolphe Belmer, and under the chairmanship of Pierre Barnabé, Chair of the Quantum Advisory Board, Interim Co-CEO and Head of Big Data and Cybersecurity, this meeting of the Quantum Advisory Board was an opportunity to review Atos’ recent work and to take stock of prospects.

Atos’ QLM will be instrumental in connecting the quantum computer, from start-up IQM (also part of the Atos Scaler program) to the Leibniz Supercomputing-LRZ center.


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