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ATS Adds New Yorker Electronics as Their New Distribution Partner

The new agreement between New Yorker and ATS addresses increasing heat densities in device designs

Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) and New Yorker Electronics have joined forces for a new distribution partnership.

ATS Advanced Thermal Solutions 2One of the major concern of the design engineers is that the design engineers are being asked to work in smaller and smaller spaces – while increasing functionality – addressing the resulting increase in heat densities. Today, thermal issues are being addressed early on in the development process to avoid future problems. Connecting heatsinks to the heat-generating devices are one way of ensuring high levels of heat transfer protection.

The new partnership between ATS and New Yorker Electronics gives greater flexibility to customers in Medical, LED, Embedded Computing, Aerospace, Military & Defense, Automotive and Telecom segments.

New Yorker will be availing the full line of ATS air and liquid cooling products adding a reliable thermal manufacturer to the distributor’s extensive line of electronics components. ATS’ industry-leading air and liquid cooling products combined with its ability to meet high-volume orders makes it an excellent partner for customers of New Yorker Electronics.

“We are excited to work with Advanced Thermal Solutions and we are confident that our customers will benefit from the innovative technology and competitive pricing that ATS brings to the electronics cooling market,” said Sandy Slivka, CEO of New Yorker Electronics. “Thermal considerations are no longer a design afterthought and we are happy to provide our customers with a serious advantage in this area with ATS.”

From heatsinks, including the industry-leading maxiFLOW with its spread fin array to maximize surface area or the popular Power Brick heat sinks designed to cool DC/DC power converters, to liquid cooling products, such as high-performance liquid cold plates and heat exchangers, to an extensive line of off-the-shelf heat pipes, ATS provides solutions to meet the industry’s toughest thermal challenges.

New Yorker Electronics is a franchised distributor for ATS and carries its full line of High-Performance Heat Sinks and Heat Sink Tools and Attachments, Closed and Open Loop Wind Tunnels and Controllers, Round and Flat Heat Pipes, Advanced Fan Trays, Liquid Cooling: Flow Meters, Leak Detectors, Chillers and Heat Exchangers, TEC Assembly and Modules, and Next-Gen Test Instruments such as Temperature and Velocity Measurement, Pressure Measurement, Surface Thermography and other specialty instruments.

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