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AutoDevKit: A New Way to a Proof-of-Concept for Automotive Applications in Minutes

STM-1AutoDevKit  is a development initiative that aims to offer fast and straightforward prototyping capabilities to teams designing key features for vehicles. From a firmware development point of view, it rests on the AutoDevKit library plugin for SPC5-STUDIO, which contains various software components to help install, setup, and use functional boards in conjunction with a microcontroller platform, thus enabling the creation of a proof-of-concept in just minutes.

The plugin automates a lot of the low-level work that takes place behind-the-scenes and shields developers from consulting a pile of documents before they can even think of running their prototype. Moreover, it provides APIs to ensure developers can rapidly and efficiently create applications with just a few lines of code. Unlike a lot of the competing solutions in this industry, AutoDevKit makes prototyping more accessible by offering a wide and heterogeneous set of functional boards, a lot of visual cues and graphical user interfaces as well as copious amounts of documentation, demo samples, and source codes to help engineers learn from our implementation.

Such an initiative is possible because ST sits at the intersection between hardware and software. AutoDevKit is that much more powerful because it uses our Automotive Evaluation Kits (AEK). An AEK Functional Board focuses on a specific feature, such as motor control, LED lighting, power management, Bluetooth communication, GNSS, and many others. They all connect to an AEK MCU Discovery Board that integrates the main host. Engineers can thus see that AutoDevKit doesn’t aim to create a reference design, which is often too rigid with very strict hardware and software constraints. Instead, it is a path to a proof-of-concept that takes hardware blocks and brings them together through the AutoDevKit plugin. We even made video tutorials to help teams get started faster.

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