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Automotive Electronics is New Domain, M2M, IoT Are Some Emerging Sectors in T&M Market

Madhukar Tripathi5G has rapidly grown to take the next wave and already tech giants have started testing of this revolutionary technology. Frequency ranges involved in 5G testing range from sub-3 GHz to 86 GHz. . With its focus nimble and expands across new sectors, the company last year made grounAnritsu the fame name in the Test and Measurement sector has also augmented successful 5G testsd-breaking announcements. Anritsu has been in the Indian market for aeons and its diligent strategies and success stories couldn’t be justified without naming Madhukar Tripathi, Sr. Manager, Sales and Marketing, Anritsu India. In an exclusive interview, Jyoti Gazmer, Sub Editor of Bis Infotech brings forward his foresights and decodes how the company under his leadership will dress up for 2018. Edited excerpts.

How is Anritsu’s current portfolio designed to seclude modern test barriers? Can you name few products and solutions of Anritsu which are simplifying modern test requirements?

Anritsu is developing new test and measurement solution to meet industry demand. Anritsu introduced Ultraportable Spectrum Master MS2760A to meet portable Spectrum Analyser up to 110 GHz in very small form factor.
Anritsu MS2850A Signal Analyzer is ready for 5G testing. Anritsu MT8870A Universal Wireless Test solution is ready for IoT, M2M related testing. Anritsu Signal Analyzer MP1900A is solution for new high data rate testing.


In today’s digital world, how can “Good Quality Testing” be done and how do Anritsu solutions make sure the quality of testing?

Anritsu products are known for its high quality and reliable standard. They are industry standard in many applications. Even 10-15 years old instrument still provide a standard performance and win customers heart.

Though manual testing is still hoping the mainstream but automation in testing is sought to be the juggernaut in near time. How are your tailoring you’re offering and strategizing to on look into this transformation?

Anritsu Signalling Tester /Protocol Tester / Conformance test system have automation feature along with many other test instruments like Radio Communication Test System MT8821C or Universal Wireless tester MT8870A which are used in mobile hand set production test. Anritsu Signal Analyzer MS2830A, MS269xA series are used in Base Station testing under R&D and production test scenario. Site Master S331L has been modified to meet instrument… GUI has been made very simple and any less skilled person can operate Site Master. Operator can create own setting and save on screen of Site Master. Technician can just click one button and perform measurement.

T&M Market

What will be the impact of 5G in the traditional test process, in terms of impulsive cost, design and engineering challenges etc.?

5G trails are going on in many countries and 5G test instrument have own challenges since specs are still evolving. Initially cost is higher due to high R&D cost.

A&D, Telecom, healthcare are key markets today for T&M sector, what new sectors are evolving in India and how is Anritsu tapping these sectors and also dressing for potential new markets?

Automotive electronics is new domain, M2M, IoT are some emerging sectors in T&M market. Anritsu have developed right test platform for various market need. MS2850A Signal Analyzer is selected by Samsung for 5G testing. MS2760A Ultraportable Spectrum Master is also selected by many R&D companies for new technology testing like 5G Backhaul or automotive radar.
What key challenges are haunting T&M sector today and how does heavyweight companies like Anritsu quelling the technology and service bottlenecks?

India has been a very price sensitive market; we have wide range of products to meet various budget considerations of buyers. Most of telecom I&M market have taken rental route and this has slow down Telecom T&M growth

Currently how you see the Test and Measurement market in India. What scopes and challenges does Anritsu foresee undertaking the current market sentiment?

We feel T&M market will grow in India with many government push like Digital India, Market in India etc. Telecom R&D market will grow and Defence A&D sector will also contribute to growth of T&M market. We feel educational R&D market will also grow for better, safe connected society.

What will be the blueprint of Anritsu to rev-up ahead of their competitors in 2018?

Anritsu is committed to support Indian market. We have appointed many regional distributors across India. We have enhanced our post sales facilities- like repair and calibration. We work very closely with our customers and wanted to be part of their growth.


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