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Automotive MLCCs Balancing Reliability with Miniaturization and High Capacitance in a Closely Intertwined Evolution with the CASE Trend

CASE trend supported by the evolution and expanding range of utilization of electrical and electronic circuits

The automobile industry is in the middle of a once-in-a-century revolution in line with the CASE trend (Figure 1). The CASE trend refers to four initiatives transforming cars and the car business; the acronym stands for “Connected,” connecting cars to the network at all times, “Autonomous,” to realize automated driving, “Shared and Services,” renewing the business models that provide means of mobility and transportation, and “Electric,” which is changing the main power source from engines to motors.

Figure 1. Once-in-a-century “CASE trend” revolution transforming the automobile industry

The four changes of the CASE trend share one aspect. As means of implementing automotive functions, they all depend on electrical and electronic technologies and IT technologies. Previous cars were an assembly of advanced machine technologies. In contrast, next-generation cars are transforming into something completely different, referred to as a “running computer,” “cluster of semiconductors,” and a “moving data center.”

Currently, there are already examples of one car equipped with more than 100 control computers (Electronic Control Unit: ECU). With the goal of increasing the convenience, comfort, safety, and environmental performance of cars, that number continues to increase. In addition, hybrid vehicles, electric cars, and other electric vehicles (xEV) are now equipped with many electronic circuits that precisely control high-voltage power reaching as much as several hundred volts. The CASE trend is accelerating the diversification and increase of such advanced electrical and electronic circuits.

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