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Aviation Market in 2021-Top 5 Trends

Trends introEnamoring the customers since its introduction commercially in the early 1900s, airlines have always been the preferred choice of transport for the majority of customers all around the world due to their fast speed and lack of air traffic.

Despite its popularity since its launch, the aviation sector has lost some of its charms due to many cases of plane crashes, faulty plane engines and an increase in air traffic. But the biggest setback of the sector came last year when the outbreak of COVID-19 encompassed the whole world.

With a lot of restrictions made on traveling especially on aviation, the aircraft transport sector was practically shut down in many countries for a few months. And though the condition has vastly improved since then, the aviation market as air traffic remains still 67% lower than 2019 levels according to the latest report, we can expect air travel to pick up pace as vaccination rates and travel restrictions are loosened.

Nonetheless, what the industry desperately require is a major restructuring within the sector to cover up as well as rebrands its position in front of its customer as a new image of safe travel. Due to this, we have come up with the Top 5 Trends in Aviation Sector 2021 that will help in reshaping this sector in a new light.

So, let’s dive into details about the Top 5 Trends in Aviation Sector 2021 as stated below.

Top 5 Trends in Aviation Sector 2021

After careful research and selection, the Top 5 Trends in Aviation Sector 2021 includes:

Advanced Self-Service and Biometrics

ContactlessFirst trend making its name in Top 5 Trends in Aviation Sector 2021 is self-services that have always been a preferred choice of many people as they are free to take their time as well as make a sound decision without any interference.

Moving on from COVID-19, the idea of reinforcing frictionless travel has come up as the must to have technology since the pandemic has also put a strong emphasis on biometrics. Though encountering many cases of biometric usage in airports, the adoption rate of this new technology is still in its nascent stages.

The use of facial recognition during the pandemic became an uphill task due to the compulsory adoption of masks. This led to another major question being that, was the technology able to assess the identity of travelers wearing a mask or not.

But with researches going on at a widespread scale, the time is not far when this hurdle will be bypassed soon. This made up the reason for placing this current trend in the Top 5 Trends in Aviation Sector 2021.

Contactless Technology

self serviceAnother trend that emerged during the pandemic while securing its place in the Top 5 Trends in Aviation Sector 2021 was contactless technology.

Slowly becoming the solution for the continuation of many sectors, Contactless technology can make the entire customer experience from check-in to shopping to inflight entertainment a touchless one.

This contactless experience makes use of the customer’s smartphone for check-in, payment options, as well as choosing inflight entertainment. The technology is also reliable to check for any COVID symptoms.

The contactless experience vision also helps in changing the perception of people about the way to shop at the airport terminal.

Digital Health Passports & Vaccination Visas

Securing its position in the Top 5 Trends in Aviation Sector 2021 is another emerging trend of issuing digital passports along with vaccination visas.

Though the concept of health or immunity passports is not a new one, it has gained traction due to its extra security and assurance provided to its passengers for safe travels.

One of the most recent examples of this is the introduction of traditional paper-based processes already recognized as the International Certificate of Vaccination, also known as the Yellow Fever card.

The main focus is now on digitizing this passport and using it as a tool to verify people’s health status to restrict any mass spreading of the virus.

Robotics & Automation

robotsRobots have played a major role in the severe times of pandemic and though their entry was already done a few years back at the airport terminal, their importance got highlighted only recently.

Though the main focus in 2020, largely depended on disinfecting via robots and we expect this trend to continue throughout 2021.

Many airports around the world have now adopted autonomous robots with UV-C light technology for cleaning and disinfecting the airport premises at a regular time interval to suppress any spread of the virus. Thus, marking its position in the Top 5 Trends in Aviation Sector 2021.

F&B Pre-Order and Payment Services

F & B orderContactless food & beverage (F&B) pre-order and payment services are slowly becoming a rage at airports and during inflight during the past few months and is expected to continue its popularity after 2021 as well.

As many airports in the US are already introducing F&B pre-order services, many airlines all across the world will soon follow through with this trend in no time.

Through this new initiative, passengers can then order a pre-packaged meal through any registered food platform tied up with the particular airlines for up to one hour before their flight take-off, therefore coming up in the Top 5 Trends in Aviation Sector 2021.


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