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Aviation Market in 2021-Top 5 Trends

Trends introEnamoring the customers since its introduction commercially in the early 1900s, airlines have always been the preferred choice of transport for the majority of customers all around the world due to their fast speed and lack of air traffic.

Despite its popularity since its launch, the aviation sector has lost some of its charms due to many cases of plane crashes, faulty plane engines and an increase in air traffic. But the biggest setback of the sector came last year when the outbreak of COVID-19 encompassed the whole world.

With a lot of restrictions made on traveling especially on aviation, the aircraft transport sector was practically shut down in many countries for a few months. And though the condition has vastly improved since then, the aviation market as air traffic remains still 67% lower than 2019 levels according to the latest report, we can expect air travel to pick up pace as vaccination rates and travel restrictions are loosened.

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