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Avnet Offers Otava Tunable Filters & Millimeter Wave Switches

Avnet has recently started offering three ultra-linear tunable RF filters and two wideband RF switches from Otava, a fabless mmW and mixed-signal IC design company best known for developing its OTBF103 millimeter-wave beamformer IC.

Avnet Both the filters and the switches are currently available as small form factor devices, which allows for maximum layout efficiency.

“Otava’s new tunable filters and mmW switches will provide designers with more high-performance solutions in the millimeter-wave arena, where every component specification can make a difference in the overall system performance,” said Jim Beneke, Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Avnet. “Their compact form factor, low insertion loss, and the wideband coverage allow for adoption in a range of systems including 5G and low Earth orbit (LEO) SATCOM applications.”

“We are extremely excited to announce that Otava’s ultra-wideband switches and tunable filters are now available through Avnet. They will serve as key components that are compatible with many existing platforms, including those in the 5G market,” said Otava Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering, Wen Zheng. “The superior performance and flexibility of our products simplify architecture and reduce cost in many systems that need refinement, especially in millimeter-wave where the slightest enhancements matter.”

“Modern RF applications ranging from SDR and 5G to SATCOM, EW and more demand components with low insertion loss and small form factors,” says Mike Dunne, Precision RF Product Manager at Samtec. “The combination of Otava’s new low insertion loss RF filters and switches and Samtec’s Precision RF interconnect offers RF engineers and system designers high-performance components that optimize the entire RF signal path. Otava’s family of OTSW10x and OTFLx01 evaluation boards feature the latest Samtec 2.4 mm edge-mount compression connectors and launch optimizations.”

Avnet is also offering Otava’s switch evaluation boards, which enable engineers to quickly assess the device’s performance and simplify prototyping and verification.

To showcase the tunable RF filters in frequency-agile sub 6 GHz applications, Avnet is also developing a tunable filters daughter-card that will plug into a ZCU208 or ZCU216 Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+™ RFSoC development board.


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