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Avnet & onsemi Develop RSL10 Smart Shot Color Camera Solution

Avnet has collaborated with onsemi to integrate onsemi’s RSL10 Smart Shot Color Camera to the cloud via Avnet’s IoTConnect Platform.

Avnet This solution demonstrates how real-time images can be captured and seamlessly transmitted to the cloud over Bluetooth® Low Energy so that they can be interpreted to manage devices, set alerts and make decisions.

“This solution is specifically developed for OEMs that are designing new products that should be IoT enabled or existing products that need to be retrofitted,” said Lou Lutostanski, Vice president of IoT, Avnet. “We’re pleased to build on our collaborative success with the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit by launching a second project with onsemi, furthering our shared commitment to help OEMs connect devices to the cloud via the IoTConnect Platform.”

“Our collaborative work provides OEMs with a proven vision-based device-to-cloud platform for rapid development of intelligent image monitoring solutions,” said Dave Priscak, Vice President of Applications Engineering at onsemi. “We focus specifically on always-on, battery-operated applications in inventory management, smart retail and factory automation. The RSL10 Smart Shot Camera offers an unprecedented multi-year battery life with the option for color or monochrome machine vision analytics.”

The RSL10 Smart Shot Color Camera provides the imaging (eyes) and the communication/connectivity (Bluetooth Low Energy), while IoTConnect provides the means to link this information to the Cloud so that it can be interpreted, manipulated, and learning (AI) can be performed. Customers can take this recipe and customize it for their Proof of Concept (POC) where vision is required, such as detecting objects, reading analog meters or checking inventory levels.

Through this collaboration, Avnet and onsemi remove as much complexity from the IoT development process as possible. This allows OEMs to easily build products and experiences around those products and bring them to market faster, while at the same time lowering risk.

In the field, the IoTConnect solution allows B2B manufacturers to manage their devices remotely by easily sending firmware updates and keeping software up-to-date.

Avnet’s IoTConnect Platform, powered by Microsoft® Azure and the associated Avnet IoT Partner Program, facilitates this connection.

The first supported solution from onsemi was the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit, which features the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy radio and an array of advanced environmental sensors. The second solution is now the RSL10 Smart Shot Color Camera.


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