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Avnet with its Partners to Exhibit Solutions at South Asia Tech Days

The event will feature cutting-edge technology trends in the realms of BMS and IIoT, spotlighting the prospects of smart manufacturing systems and the mass utilization of alternative energy.

Avnet Asia has announced to host a virtual exhibition and conference series for its Korean and South Asian customers focused on the two fields of Battery Management Systems (BMS) and Industrial IoT (IIoT).

Avnet BMS IIoTBuilding on the success of last year’s “Avnet AI Cloud Exhibition and Conference”, the second installment is targeted at engineers, product managers and R&D specialists, and will span more than one month from April 18 to May 20.

“Avnet is committed to collaborating with like-minded partners to contribute to the development and sustainability of the smart manufacturing and energy ecosystems,” said Tan Aik Hoon, Regional President of Avnet South Asia, Korea and Avnet United. “For example, the regional electric vehicle (EV) market is growing exponentially. We are powering its growth with innovative, safe and cost-effective solutions that will help developers overcome the major barriers to EV adoption.”

The event will feature cutting-edge technology trends in the realms of BMS and IIoT, spotlighting the prospects of smart manufacturing systems and the mass utilization of alternative energy.

Two conferences on BMS and IIoT will be held on April 21 and on April 28 respectively, during which partners will deliver live webinars followed by Q&A sessions.

BMS Partner Exhibitors

In the partner demonstration area, Avnet’s partners will showcase their innovations, including:

Amphenol: Amphenol will present a range of compact, flexible, high-performing automotive-grade connectors for power circuit designs, designed to optimize efficiency and maximize the range of the battery.

NXP: As increasing electric powertrain efficiency remains central to EV adoption, battery management systems and uses within the powertrain play a pivotal role in extending the range between charges. NXP will introduce the MC33771/2 product family and the reference designs for BMS solutions.

onsemi: Onsemi will showcase its topologies for 3-Phase AC-DC and high power and high voltage DC-DC, together with suitable modules and evaluation boards.

TE Connectivity: Drawing on its extensive range of products that are integral to the future development of BMS, TE Connectivity will showcase selected solutions in the following categories: Power Connectors; Contactors; Industrial Relays; Temperature Sensors; DWFR; and Battu Tubing.

Vishay Intertechnology: Vishay Intertechnology will showcase two automotive solutions: the AEC-Q200 qualified WSBS8518 Power Metal Strip® battery shunt, and the AEC-Q101 qualified XMC7K24C XClamp™ bidirectional TVS with low leakage current.

IIoT Partner Exhibitors

Partners showcasing their IIoT capabilities include:

AMD-Xilinx: A global leader in adaptive computing, AMD-Xilinx will showcase its Kria K26 System-on-Module, optimized for edge vision applications requiring flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.

Amphenol: Amphenol will showcase its interconnective and cable assembly products that support Power over Ethernet (PoE) or Power over Data Line (PoDL).

Micron: Micron will highlight the need for memory and storage in IIoT and the industrial Edge. Features solutions essential for endpoints and Edge computing systems such as low power DRAM, intelligent managed NAND and SSD storage solutions.

NXP: Its booth will showcase a range of products that help to enable designs for next-generation applications and fully meet the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution for intelligent systems.

TE Connectivity: TE Connectivity will present key products in the following categories: Easy Customization of Antennae; IO Connectors; High-Speed SFP, SFP+ and QSFP Backplane Connectors (Strata Cables); and Humidity and Temperature Sensors.


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