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Barton Breeze Unveils Unique AI & ML Based Method

Barton Breeze has recently announced an innovative Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based methods on their web channel to help customers pick and choose the suitable indoor hydroponic farm kits for their space.

BartonThe idea aims to increase the accessibility for adopting a sustainable farming method that produces healthier and fresh veggies at home all year round.

The food consumption pattern in people is changing due to a dramatic rise in the lifestyle diseases and outbreak of Coronavirus that has further raised awareness among them to eat fresh and healthy. According to the industry estimates, the global hydroponic market is projected to reach USD 17 million by 2025 from USD 7 million in 2019 at a 13.7% CAGR. The Vertical Farming Technology Market is projected to reach $40.25 billion by 2022.

Considering the surge in demand, Barton Breeze has recently unveiled indoor hydroponic kits that keeps the passion of consumers for gardening and a healthy lifestyle alive. It produces fresh leafy vegetables, vine & fruiting plants, exotic herbs, and medicinal plants in the home. It is expected for Home kit market to increase by 250cr by 2025.

Shivendra Singh, CEO & Founder, Barton Breeze, said “The idea to come up with an innovative concept is completely in sync with our expertise in combining sustainable technology and modern farming techniques to provide a highly-productive farming model to our consumers. With extensive expertise in the urban farming segment, we are leveraging on the power of AI and Machine Learning with a vision to become the most trusted indoor hydroponic kits for Indian households.”

With the AI and Machine Learning enabled method, Barton Breeze provides precise solutions for finding the most suitable indoor hydroponic kit for kitchen, dining space, living room, or commercial spaces such as office desk, cafeteria, restaurants, and hotels.

The newly launched indoor hydroponic kit is ergonomically designed, and easy to set up and maintain, all-inclusive of materials required to grow from seed to harvest. Integrated with advanced technology, the kit meets health, lifestyle, and passion that enables the consumers to grab greens, make their salad, and balance work life with proper nutrition.

Barton Breeze’s home kits involve four different models of planters – 108, 54, 36, and 8 to meet the specific needs of diverse consumers. The pricing of the kit is INR 12,500 + GST onwards.


Nitisha Dubey

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