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Becoming a Safe city, is the First Step for a City to Become a Smart City

smart city

With its wide range of surveillance offerings, Axis Communication is ensuring that India becomes a safe city prior to becoming a smart city and Sudhindra Holla, Sales Director – India and SAARC, Axis Communications, reveals us how Axis is doing exactly that.

  1. What nonpareil products and solutions is Axis offering today for the Indian market

Ans: At Axis innovation is at the core and our end-to-end solution provides a complete range of solutions, from a basic surveillance to a more advanced security requirement for a large scale implementation. The systems are easy to install, and designed with open IP standards that easily connect with the existing IT infrastructure. Axis IP Cameras come with Axis Camera Application Platforms (ACAP) which enables you to download applications onto your Axis cameras. A popular product line is our range of thermal cameras. In India, the use of thermal cameras is also catching up as they are less sensitive to problems with light conditions, such as shadows, darkness and even camouflaged objects.  Axis Q19 camera series and Axis Q86 PT Network Cameras deliver images that allow reliable identification and doesn’t demand additional light source.

With our acquisition of Cognimatics, our suite of video analytics applications can be used to provide retailers with insightful behavioral intelligence that helps optimize their operations, improve customer experience, and enhance security and safety. With our high-end cameras and the analytics software, it is possible to create real-time data to optimize the retail space tremendously. Some popular products are M3048-PV(4k Dome camera) or M5055-E (PTZ camera)P3225-LV (Network camera), C2005 (Ceiling speakers) and C1004-E (Box speaker).

Our range of Explosion-Protected PT Thermal Network Camera includes detection of people in restricted areas and safety of personnel in hazardous areas. Ideal for industrial applications and securing national highways and borders with rugged topography and extreme weather conditions. Popular models are XF40-Q2901 Explosion-Protected Temperature Alarm Camera, XF60-Q2901 Explosion-Protected Temperature Alarm Camera, AXIS Q6125-LE PTZ Camera and XP40-Q1942 Explosion-Protected PT Thermal Network Camera.

The other solution that we have on offer is the Axis Zipstream technology which has excellent compression to support the increased data streaming and storage demands of 360-degree panoramic cameras and 4K resolution.

  1. Aadhar authentication is known to soon use facial recognition. How Axis facial recognition solutions offerings is collaring to feed the demand. Added, what trends do you witness in the differentiated facial recognition in par to the current market scenario?

Ans: A recent study conducted by UIDAI on Indian senior citizens confirms that Aadhar identification rose from 83% to almost 100% once facial recognition was matched with fingerprint authentication.  These findings by UID are encouraging for giving an impetus to use of facial recognition as fingerprints of elderly citizens often are not captured by authentication machines. Factors like worn out fingerprints due to age and biometric data also change with age and hamper accuracy in case of a pension, banking and other welfare organizations. Additionally, face recognition is more secure due to its real-time authentication.

The use of Facial recognition is no longer restricted to high-security locations, such as airports, nuclear power plants and government buildings. We see a growing number of businesses realizing the necessity to identify and recognize specific individuals and take proactive steps of protecting their assets. Furthermore, the facial recognition system can easily be integrated with an existing access control system, thereby improving both reliability and functionality.

We see an uptake across various industries for the use of applications of facial recognition in ATMs, mobile, healthcare, educational institutes, wearables, and an unique identity proof.  We see an increased use of facial recognition technology in different sectors as below:

  • I.P. identification at casinos, hotels or high-end retail stores
  • Detection of wanted persons at airports; public places and railway stations
  • Integration with access control systems in corporate and commercial buildings
  • Watch- or blacklisting at stadiums, pubs, and casinos

Axis cameras are equipped with versatile tools that support resulting match – or non-match to trigger an action or an alarm according to a set of predetermined rules. The cameras provide detailed, high-quality images and offer the best possible platform for optimizing situational awareness and operational efficiency.

  1. Can you share an anecdote on the recent successful implementation in Kolhapur, Bhavnagar churning the Smart cities vision of India?

Ans: The Government of India’s Smart Cities Mission is a national initiative with a focus on infrastructure and services taken to promote intelligent solutions. The project is aimed at taking existing areas and applying ‘smart’ thinking to improve them, through retrofitting and redevelopment. It is hoped that these smart city projects will lead to an improved quality of life for citizens, especially in rural areas. What makes a city smart? I believe that becoming a safe city, is the first step for a city to become a smart city. Surveillance is one of the most relevant and important pieces of the smart cities ecosystem in India. We successfully secured 4 cities – Bhavnagar, Junagadh, Kolhapur, Nanded, and Aurangabad. These cities have different requirements and through the support and coordination of our partners, we have successfully implemented our solutions. For example, in Bhavnagar, we installed IP66-rated cameras as they needed a traffic monitoring system. In Kolhapur, all the tourist attractions and city entry/exit points had to be monitored, for which we deployed 165 network cameras at 65 locations. We want to increase awareness amongst the other State governments to implement high-quality cameras that are robust and durable and capable of producing footages of forensic standards.

  1. What is the key Axis solutions customized for medium to large enterprises thereby reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)?

Ans: The Total Cost of Ownership model in intelligent video application benefits the buyer in multiple ways by being accessible and manageable for systems. The buyer can quantify all costs included while installing/choosing a video surveillance solution.

More efficient use of resources: Firstly, by lowering operation costs by limiting manual intervention in large-scale installations. Secondly, by integrating cameras at nominal prices as requirements increases coupled with extended warranty Axis solutions makes it the best fit.

Faster retrieval of a stored video: Video analytics – such as video motion detection – ensures that only relevant video footage is stored, so that when the need arises to search through old recordings, only the video that could potentially include the event in question is retrieved. Axis recorders also come with pre-installed Axis Camera Station Software (ACS). This is an intuitive tool that anyone can effectively manage incidents and quickly export high definition evidence. It is ideal for mid-sized installations such as retail, hotels and manufacturing sites.

Reduced network load and storage needs: Intelligent video systems that include video motion detection and audio detection minimize the need for storage space by recording only video that contains activity. Furthermore, by placing intelligent video ‘at the edge’, that is, processing as much as possible of the video in the network cameras themselves, the load on the network is significantly reduced as only relevant video is streamed from the cameras. Intelligent video applications help build video surveillance systems that are more cost-effective.

  1. What is Global – Axis’ no hack policy?

Ans: All Axis cameras have no backdoor policy or no hack policy, wherein the data gathered by the cameras is un-hackable. With the implementation of high-end yet safe solutions, sensitive data recorded by the cameras cannot be utilized by any 3rd party for exploitation. This, in turn, will be an added security cover for securing National data of the citizens.

 6. What is Axis’ go to market strategy for Tier II & III towns model?

Ans: In India, we have tapped major towns and cities through our network of partners -distributors, resellers, system integrators and application developers. Our partners are our bridge to the end customer and act as trusted advisors to their customers. We are strengthening our domestic presence with our partnership programs, aiming to reach tier-1 and 2 cities across India through this network by expanding the product portfolio, to introduce more innovative products and solutions technologies based on market feedback and requirement. We are also tapping educational institutes, manufacturing industries in these cities through various marketing initiatives.

  1. Axis’ channel partner programs and channel partners strength today in the country?

Ans: In India Axis has covered major cities and towns through our network of partners – system integrators, resellers, distributors and application developers. We share a close bond with each of our partners which acts as a bridge to our end customers.  For 2018 – 19 our focus is on industry segments like retail and hospitality, education, infrastructure, banking and the transportation sectors. In collaboration with our key focus partners-part of the partner program, we try to influence end users through various initiatives. Our key strategy for the year includes:

  • To focus & build trust with more channel partners and grow our existing channel partner network
  • To penetrate the mid-size solution business with Axis end to end Solutions
  • To introduce more innovative products & solutions based on market feedback and requirement

We believe that in today’s highly competitive market, our channel partner growth has helped us to make strong inroads in the country with a global count of more than 90,000 partners, in 179 countries.

  1. What is IP audio which seems to be a new buzz-word?

Ans: Music and how we hear has evolved over the years. This is an era which hasn’t seen a gramophone let alone an audio cassette. Music is played not on the radio or a pen drive but rather heard on the cloud. Initially, most of the systems that were installed with cameras had analog speakers which further connected with amplifiers along with content players. In analog speakers, there were challenges of manual maintenance, every time it was played. Hence we saw a growing opportunity of converting audio into IP because the whole system is analog. Network audio can be utilized in three different ways. Firstly, where the network audio is integrated with the video surveillance system, it can be used for general announcements in retail stores or interrupt a security violation in manufacturing/industrial sites. Secondly, to make life and schedules announcements in educational institutes. Finally, the background music which complements our retail and hospitality suite. Axis provides the network audio systems and our partners (Soundtrack Your Brand, Royal Streaming, MUSIC2BIZ, Pinesker Media Company and Amazon Prime Music) provide the music content. This can be used across a chain of stores and throws up the possibilities of both music and advertisements.

  1. What major announcements and developments are reckoned to be beguiled in the current FY?

Ans: Our focus has been on innovation and providing quality products and solutions. Our latest addition is the upgraded and OptimizedIR enabled cameras. Featuring IR functionality, including pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) and fixed dome cameras, bullet, fisheye and panoramic cameras, and discreet sensors units. AXIS Q6125-LE and AXIS M3057-PLVE, AXIS M3058-PLVE, AXIS Companion Eye mini L and AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE and AXIS FA3105-L models have the capacity of lowering power consumption with high quality LED technology. Overall these cameras provide a flexible and cost-effective solution.

In India, we have recently introduced the AXIS Extended Warranty programme, on specific products, that covers an additional two years more to the initial warranty of three years. Integrators and end users using these line of products will now be able to avail a prolonged warranty to a maximum of five years.

We have also tied up with several subscription-based music services to enable tailored background music for business in primarily retail establishments. Axis network audio technologies now integrates with these music services, Axis can now offer a complete solution for retailers and cafes who wish to easily manage all aspects of their in-store audio.

  1. What are the key facets that ascertain Axis communications’ strong foothold in the Indian market?

Ans: Axis Communications aims to always foster a culture of trust, openness, transparency and diversity in our business processes both for external and internal stakeholders. Our Code of Conduct sets out our expectations with regard to business ethics, environmental responsibility, providing a good work environment and compliance with safety standards. We have always maintained a high standard of quality for our products and solutions and our commitment is to encourage everyone in the Axis eco-system to think big and continually push boundaries.  Customer’s peace of mind is at the core of everything we do and this is what drives us to offer them with efficient, unwavering support.

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