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Belkin Introduces Boost Charge GaN chargers

Belkin has introduced its new Boost Charge line-up of compact yet powerful chargers which utilise GaN (gallium nitrate) technology to power mobile devices and laptops quickly and efficiently.

ChargerThis new technology was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January and makes use of gallium nitrate – a high performance alternative to silicon – which delivers powerful charging at a high wattage through a much smaller form factor than regular chargers.

The Belkin Boost Charge GaN range includes 30W and 68W wall chargers which are both compatible with the new iPads Apple announced last week as well as the upcoming iPhone 12.

Belkin is one of the first major brands to offer GaN products which produce less heat so components can be closer together.

This is why these chargers are noticeably smaller than regular silicon chargers.

The GaN chipsets have a high power density and magnetic components that are able to convert power much faster than silicon and this has resulted in smaller, lighter and faster charger designs.

Also onboard the Belkin GaN chargers are built-in overcurrent and overvoltage protection so that both the charger the connected device are safe.

“The introduction of these new fast-charging options with GaN technology epitomises our commitment to deliver people inspired products, and informs everything that we do, from design and quality to our user testing and prototyping process, strict adherence to regulatory compliance, manufacturing, and warranty programs,” says Jamie Laing-Reece, Head of Product Management for Belkin ANZ.

“We are keeping people powered throughout their day and making their lives easier with our innovation, and GaN technology is one of many ways we continue to bring this to life, especially as one of the first to offer this to Australian consumers.”


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