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BenQ’s two new short-throw classroom interactive projector solutions

New Delhi: BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of Interactive Classroom IQ solution and a leader in the global DLP projector market introduces their energy efficient and ecofriendly classroom projectors MX823ST and MW824ST.

BenQ is the ace competitor in the projector market in India with more that 17.2% market cut besides 50% plus market stake in the education sector as per the FutureSource Consulting and PMA report for Projector Business 2013.

BenQ MX823STThe MX823ST and MW824ST features LumenCare Mode, which from its part adjusts projector lamp power in gain steps until full power is reached. It is the first and only projection feature that ensures three years of consistent image brightness for optimal learning and teaching. Along with the same, the LampSave Mode is designed to adjust the lamp power dynamically by content brightness level to extend projector lamp life significantly by 50% giving the total lamp hours of upto 10,000. The lamp replacement frequency is also reduced by up to 50% to lower the replacement costs.

BenQ MX824STThe wide range of connectivity options and availability of PointWrite and QWrite interactive features make MX823ST& MW 824ST complete classroom interactive projector solution. Through PointWrite and QWrite interactive features teachers can get up to 4 students to come up to the board and collaborate simultaneously with PointWrite pens to solve Quizzes, board work, presentations and games.

The MX823ST & MW824ST are short-throw projectors that keeps the projector light from shining directly into your eyes, allowing you to keep your focus on your audience ensuring audience can move freely without worrying about obstructions between the projector and the screen.

The ultra-sharp contrast ratio of 13000:1, 3200 ANSI Lumens brightness and long lamp life guarantee vibrant, reliable visual performance time and again.

BenQ MX823ST backMX823ST & MW824ST features MHL function that allows one to mirror the data, photo and other contents from the android devices to big screen giving the whole new dimension to interactive classroom with flawless streaming of any content displayed on the smart device effortlessly.  Also, the device is being charged while you’re using it, you don’t have to worry about the power while presenting

BenQ-MX824ST side” Being the number 1 player in the education sector, it has been our constant endeavor to provide world class solutions for traditional as well as modern digital classrooms that makes content simpler for students to learn new things with high level of retention” alleged Rajeev Singh, Country Head & GM at BenQ India Pvt. Ltd. Purporting that – “Both MX823ST & MW824ST projectors are uniquely designed for Indian classroom teaching environment and are supported by special LampCare Mode that effectively lowers the power consumption and increases the lamp life giving users more than 10,000 hours of lamplife without any trouble, multiple connectivity options and BenQ Classroom IQ concept-and PointWrite allows users to create an interactive teaching environment”

Both MX 823ST & MW824ST comes with DLP technology that supports 3D functionality, ensuring an immersive learning experience to their students with a simple preparation of 3D glasses and 3D content from your Blu-ray player.

The MX823ST has a native resolution of XGA (1024 X 768) while the MW824ST has a native resolution of WXGA (1280 X 800).

MX 823ST & MW824ST are available at a retail price of Rs 60000 and 65000 respectively.


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