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Top Thermal Cut-off Manufacturers in the World

Thermal cut-off is an extremely important part of an electronic equipment, which are designed to protect electrical appliances and industrial equipment from fire. Sometimes they also known as thermal fuse. This equipment is so smart that it automatically sense the temperature change and breaks the electrical circuit. Here, we have mentioned top thermal cut-off manufacturers in the world;

electronic equipmentAMSECO

One of the top thermal cut-off manufacturers in the world, American Security Equipment Company (AMSECO), a Potter brand, is a leading supplier of fire and security products including fire sprinkler monitoring systems, electronic fire systems, as well as vault and safe security systems. The thermal cut-off from AMSECO has achieved huge appreciation from all over the world.


Whenever someone talks about thermal cut-offs, the name of Bourns comes always in the mind. It has world class thermal cut-off, which made it one of the top thermal cut-off manufacturers in the world. Bourns® Mini-Breakers are Thermal Cutoff (TCO) devices which are used as safety devices to help prevent heat and fires caused by excess current, mainly in lithium-ion batteries. It has been used in batteries for such devices as notebook PCs, tablets, digital cameras, and smartphones.

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Littlelfuse is one of the top thermal cut-off manufacturers in the world. Its thermal cut-off provide resettable over temperature and overcurrent protection in high-capacity LiP and prismatic cells. Its thermal cut-offs are capable of handling the high battery discharge currents in tablets, ulta-books,  and notebook PCs. By providing huge varieties of thermal cut-offs, Littelfuse has earned lots of appreciations.

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TDK-Lambda is a leading provider of high quality and reliable industrial power supplies designed to minimize downtime and ensure manufacturing workflows can be streamlined.  It has achieved its name in one of the top thermal cut-off manufacturers in the world. TDK-Lambda has been delivering quality solutions to many industrial environments across the globe since 1948. TDK-Lambda’s investment in research & development and engineering ensures that their products consistently meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

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thermalTT Electronics

One of the top thermal cut-off manufacturers in the world, TT Electronics has achieved several orders from all over the world and the reason is its best quality thermal cut-offs. Whether it’s advanced flight controls, smart surgical tools, intelligent vehicle charging or seamless automation TT Electronics connect everywhere, innovative technologies.

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