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Biometric System-on-Card, The 2 Challenges Behind Fingerprint Bank Cards

STMOn July 2020, ST announced co-developing a Biometric System-on-Card (BSoC) platform with Fingerprint Cards. We will provide an STM32 general-purpose microcontroller and an ST31 MCU. The latter uses an Arm SecurCore SC000 core that relies on a 40-nanometer process node. ST will also bring its STPay solution, which relies on a JavaCard based operating system for banking applications.

Moving Security From the PIN to the Finger Tip

The announcement was symbolic, and it appeared on news sites because it serves as a sign of an emerging trend. According to a study by ReportLinker, the global contactless biometrics technology market should reach $18.6 billion by 2026. The study also cites the recent pandemic as a driver of adoption. Consumers are looking for ways to pay while staying physically distant. They also wish to reduce interactions with potentially contaminated hard surfaces. Hence, secure payments through contactless cards with biometric authentication are ever more popular, and introducing BSoC solutions will help increase – or even remove – today’s contactless cap limits.

Unfortunately, as BSoCs become mainstream, getting precise and relevant information can get difficult. Buzzwords abound, platitudes follow, and managers can have a hard time finding accurate data. We thus thought that it was essential to contextualize the ST and Fingerprint Cards announcement. Additionally, the core technologies behind biometric payment cards are sipping into other forms of identification, such as employee badges or ID cards. It is thus crucial for thought-leaders and decision-makers to understand the technical challenges inherent to these emerging technologies.

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