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BIS TECHNOVATORS | Agrix Promoting Smart and Digital Farming

Nilay-PandeyAgrix, a Delhi based AgriTech start-up, aims to provide cost effective services to promote smart and digital farming and has also made quite a name for itself in the AgriTech market.

With a vision to integrate small and marginal farmers in a free market, Agrix is providing a complete farming ecosystem to the farmers, ranging from their Digital mapping of farms for real time crop variety, to mechanizing fragmented farms services and providing quality Agri inputs supply.

With their community spreading to 20+ villages and having a 2000+ farmers as its member, Agrix is connecting the farming sector towards digital farming and its scope in modern world.

While talking with Aishwarya from BISinfotech; Nilay Pandey, Founder & CEO, Agrix talks about challenges and scopes in the AgriTech sector.

  1. Please share the details about Agrix and its special offerings.

Agrix is a startup in the agri-tech space that serves farmers across the agri-value chain. Agrix creates farming clusters to ensure bankable farm mechanization, quality agri-inputs, digital plot mapping and monitoring, and efficient market linkage to small and marginal farmers.

Clustering allows small farmers to access best farming practices and eventually become as competitive as the big farmers despite the scale disadvantage.

Special offerings:

  • Mechanization of fragmented farms through efficient clustering
  • Management of farms and farmers’ data within a cluster
  • Data led agri-inputs supply and farm management.
  • Support in market linkage
  1. What makes Agrix unique from other Agri-tech Companies?

Unlike other Agri-tech Companies, Agrix is present across the agri-value chain from cultivation to harvesting covering the complete farming ecosystem.

Apart from that, we- given the fact that we are working with farmers right at the farm level through our Agri centers- are able to achieve high diversity in terms of collecting farms and farmers, data, leading to higher levels of tech sophistication.

3. Which sectors are your key focus areas and Indian market strategies?

   Agrix is currently focused on:

  • Mechanization (implement bank) of fragmented farms through efficient clustering
  • Data led agri-inputs supply and farm management
  • Management of farms and farmers’ data within a cluster with value added inputs

  We are trying to address the pain points of the small/marginal farmers in India, who constitute about 85% of the     total numbers of farmers in India.

4. What makes your Agrix KissanHit Centers unique and its scope in the Agri-tech sector?

The Agrix centers, apart from provide complete farming solutions under one roof, also helps us generate more confidence in farmers as they see our centers and representatives among them. They find that being able to talk to an Agrix representative in person or over a phone call is much easier and trustable than relying totally upon some kind of app.

5. What are your future marketing plans and upcoming projects?

We are going to hold farmer level interaction sessions in every village within the clusters. Currently we are digitally mapping the farms and will be launching the Agrix Farm management system soon.

  1. How did Covid-19 affect your business and what were your strategies to be viable in the market?

Covid didn’t affect our ground operations that much as we are operational at the village level itself. We were fully operational during the pandemic, delivered every order at the farm gate and our Implements bank was operational with complete efficiency. However, it did affect our expansion and farmer outreach programs.

To stay viable, we focused more on our operations at the ground level, while postponing the expansion and village outreach programs.

7. What are your target markets apart from India, which part of the geographies you are planning to expand in the year 2021?

For the time being, we are concentrating on the Indian market which itself is a potential market of more than $ 200 Bn. In the year 2021, we plan to expand our operations to more districts in Bihar, Jharkhand, WB, and UP.

8. Lastly, major trends you see catapulting and dominating the Agri-Tech in coming time?

  • Digitally mapped farms for optimal farm implements mapping and data led agri-inputs supply and monitoring.
  • Using this data to offer reliable market linkage to the farmers.
  • Promote community level farming


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