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BIS TECHNOVATORS | An EdTech Startup: DcodeAI Aims to Democratize AI for Everyone

Kartik SharmaNoida based EdTech startup; DcodeAI offers DIY modules on Data Science, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing for age groups 12-18. The company uses specialised orchestrated containerization to help learners run AI models without the need for any special computing resources or GPUs. The aim of DcodeAI is to make the next generation of learners equipped with AI without having even coding background. During an interaction with Nitisha from BISinfotech, Kartik Sharma, Co-Founder, DcodeAI shares ahead strategies and the upcoming trends.

1. Kindly explain DcodeAI and its special offerings?

DcodeAI is an India based EdTech startup focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI). We have launched a new DIY learning platform including Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), Data Science for children aged between 12 and 18 years. With Angel funding of USD 500,000 from Sultan Chand & Sons (P) Ltd., Educational Publishing House, DcodeAI was launched earlier this year, with the vision to equip the next generation of learners with AI skills, without having a formal coding background. It aims to democratize AI learning among primary and secondary level students across 10,000+ schools that are currently part of its network. DcodeAI focuses on low code / no-code tools and usage of AI to make learning easy, intuitive and personalized. Hence, even those without any coding background can start to learn and implement AI models. The new set of DIY learning programs is designed for students who can learn the concept of AI and hone their skills in data manipulation, data visualization, statistics, machine learning, deep learning and more. These learning programs are suitable for students who want to learn about developing Chatbots, Image Recognition Models, as well as Voice Recognition-based Bots and Home Automation Systems.

2. How do you differentiate DcodeAI with other AI companies?

We are extremely focused on using AI to teach AI leveraging low code / no code tools. We are providing an integrated learning environment for exploring and executing AI models which is a first of its kind approach given the complexities involved in learning AI. We use hands on activities and projects at each stage and provide an industry interface for learners to solve real world problems. We are holistically looking at Statistics, Python, Data Science, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing as integrated components of AI which makes us unique in this space.

3. Recently, you have launched DIY learning platforms including Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), Data Science for children aged between 12 and 18 years. Please describe. 

We are heavily focused on all the components of AI (Data Science, Computer Vision and Natural language Processing) for all round learning of the subject. The curriculum is aligned to CBSE standards and is covering various practical aspects of the topics as well. Through this, we aim to revolutionize education system in India and its age-old subjects through its growth into the digital era by combining AI tools with the classroom to make more engaging and interactive.

4. Any other project you are planning for this year?

We are focused on deepening our ties with AI startups and subject matter experts to provide hands on experiences and projects. We also want to create the largest community of AI educators in the world wherein educators can connect, share and learn together. AI has emerged as an indispensable subject in the worldwide education market to equip the workforce of future with relevant skills and simplify the learning curve of students who want to use AI for solving problems and driving impactful innovations.

5. How has been the growth of business in the year 2020? What will be your marketing strategy for the year 2021?

We have witnessed rapid growth in 2020-21 with parents looking for opportunities to engage their kids in meaningful activities such as coding, learning emerging technologies such as AI etc. We have been focused on building a strong product and training support ecosystem. Our approach in 2021 is to continue building relationship with educational institutions and strategically align with teacher community to deliver AI experiences with practical hands on projects and integrated industry interface. AI will also help learners become future ready and open new career avenues for them.

6. During COVID-19 what were your strategies to be viable in the market?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has created a new normal, and many businesses were struggling to adapt, there was a need to develop a mindset to drive flexibility and emerge stronger. We conducted weekly webinars to build a community of AI educators and lot of training sessions were organized to align teachers around AI. We focused on building a robust programme that is adaptive in nature and comprehensive in scope. Our focus has been to develop low code / no code tools to learn AI which makes it easy for anyone to get started in a DIY format.

7. What are your targets markets apart from India, which of the geographies you are planning to expand in the year 2021?

We believe in India-first strategy and there is a huge opportunity in India which should keep us busy in 2021. India is one of the biggest markets for us considering the technological innovations taking place in the education ecosystem. It is a fast-changing market where we can bring advancements in learning platforms for students. But we have already received interests from partner in US, UK and UAE so we would be taking a strategic partner-led approach in these markets.

8. Apart from education, are you planning to expand your business in any other industry also? Kindly elaborate.

We are dedicated to the mission of democratizing AI for everyone. We feel deeply associated with the mission of NITI Aayog – #AIforALL. We feel the responsibility of upskilling our young minds to future proof them in an AI ready world and are completely focused on this vision. We, however, wish to continue building a stronger interface with industry so that students trained on AI are employable.


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