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BIS TECHNOVATORS | Cogos Technologies a Startup ‘IoT-fying’ Logistics Market

Prasad SreeramBengaluru based a logistics-tech startup, COGOS Technologies has deployed intelligently integrated advanced sensors, IoT technology, and third-party applications to uplift fellow truckers via cutting edge technology. They are the only aggregator to have a strong presence in 20 Indian states and are positive to expand their horizons Pan-India soon. It has recently announced a new acquisition, solidifying their leadership and hired 100+ employees using a scientific method of ‘Human Capital Valuation’. It was founded in 2016 by Serial Entrepreneurs Prasad Sreeram and Dr Rama Mohan Katta with decades of experience in Logistics, Technology, Scaling and Global Operations. While talking with Nitisha from Bisinfotech, Prasad Sreeram, CEO and Founder of COGOS Technologies explained the special offerings and upcoming projects.

Q. Please share details about Cogos Technologies and its speciality?

COGOS is an AI-led Logistics platform coupled with mobile and control tower capabilities. The superior workflows are digitally transforming the $60 billion City Logistics by bringing the capacity discovery time from weeks to minutes and reducing operating costs up to 60% for shippers. In the current gig economy where the ability to respond quickly to the market dynamics is key, COGOS is fast becoming the de-facto player for marquee customers for City Logistics, operating in 150+ cities in India and expanding rapidly.

Q. How it is different from India’s other intra-city logistics provider?

Started in 2016, COGOS offers a one-stop destination for all the intra-city link-supply chain. In these 4 years, it has taken the commercial transportation sector by a storm with intelligently integrated advanced sensors, IoT technology, and third-party applications to uplift fellow truckers via cutting edge technology. COGOS is the only aggregator to have a strong presence in 19 Indian states and are positive to expand our horizons Pan India soon.

Q. Which sectors are your pivotal focus and Indian market strategies?

We are industry agnostic and provide infra support to all enterprises through our Logistics platform, currently Online retail, e-commerce, FMCG and Manufacturing are driving the market, we also support many other 3PL and courier companies.

Q. Please share future marketing plans and upcoming projects?

COGOS is working on sustainable logistics providers and working to create an EV ecosystem with OEM, Financing, Transporter and Enterprises. COGOS helps brands to create their own city logistics and delivery network

Q. The impact of Covid-19 on logistics providers? How do you tackle such issues?

Like any other sectors, Covid affected logistics providers, because nobody had any clue what to do when the lockdown was announced. But, we figured out ways and also helped the society at various levels. Cogos was actively working with various enterprises to digitally transform the vehicle discovery, scheduling, route optimization, live tracking and monitoring the deliveries. COGOS was also chosen as the sole logistics partner by HOPCOMS (a GOVT of Karnataka Enterprise) for the Farm2Consumer initiative to supply Fruits and vegetables to Gated communities and RWA’s all across Bangalore. It helped us in planning, discovering and scheduling of 200 vehicles for the event to distribute and sell fruits, in more than 100 wards across Bangalore.

Cogos also created 24/7 WAR ROOM Dash-board to monitor operations. All the Key employees of the Company come on line sharply at 12.30 PM every day on that war-room where each zonal team is given 5 minutes to highlight the situation at their areas. Based on the needs, instant decisions have been taken; instructions are issued for the smooth running of the supply chain.

Q. Apart from India, which market are you looking for in future?

India is multi-ethnic, multi-cultured and a complex market, a platform matured here can be introduced around the world, and we see opportunity in many markets like South Asia, Africa, Americas and Middle East.

Q. What kind of challenges and scope do you see in your respective industry?

The logistics industry is expected to evolve towards more organized play with digital adoption as customers and transporters both would need very efficient workflows to stay competitive now, hence digital transformation is imperative in the industry.

It is believed that even after lockdown, the scare of viruses will continue until a mass vaccination drive is complete. This will drive people to adapt more contact-less deliveries and less physical movement. The macroeconomic effects are hard to predict as there are both Positive and non-favourable trends for the economy.

There will be systematic changes in the industry with less movement, Auto consumption which is already low will hit a new bottom, reduction in rideshare, decline in travel and tourism, low movement for dine-in and commercial spaces like malls, theatres, impulse shopping will all be reduced.

Countries could move towards renewables, more automation – efficient ways of production, less import of oil – saving foreign exchange and reducing trade imbalance, Savings will become more a habit – cash conservation, as world supply chains broke – more indigenous production – Make in India.

WFH will also result in a behavioural change in the working culture of the companies. Pretty much the remote working will continue so as to protect the workforce and also to increase productivity by reducing the commute time, smaller office spaces will suffice to reduce the commercial estate usage.

The impact will be spread over many quarters and we are supporting our workforce. As a policy adapted to no retrenchment, while we are very careful in hiring, only need-based, cash conservation will be a priority for many startups. The positive side of lockdown is more digital adoption by the workforce – employees, driver-partners and also customers moving towards digital invoicing and POD (proof of delivery)

Q. Lastly major trends you see catapulting and dominating the technology innovation in coming time?

Digital transformation of the age old logistics will be the theme for many coming years, with process automation, IOT, green energy and AI / Deep learning will dominate the innovation.


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