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BIS TECHNOVATORS | : A Startup Addressing Real-time Communication Capabilities founded in 2017 and now has established its foothold in APAC countries, especially in India. provides developers and service providers with powerful APIs to create video, voice and messaging conversations. From one-to-one chats to large scale broadcasts, makes communications more flexible and personal, helping enterprises stay ahead in the digital world.  It has recently added a whole new set of AI-driven capabilities including facial detection, sentiment analysis, and object detection by introducing one-of-its-kind FaceAI solution. While talking with Nitisha from BISinfotech, Pankaj Gupta, CEO and Founder, explained responses of its clients, ahead strategies and focuses.

Pankaj Gupta, CEO and Founder, EnableX

  1. Brief on  and its USPs. How is it different from other companies? is a cloud-based communications platform helping businesses and developers to quickly and easily integrate real-time communication capabilities into mobile applications and communication workflows. From feature-rich Video and Voice APIs to SMS, Number, and FaceAI APIs, is one of the few players in Asia-pacific offering a full-stack of communication capabilities with all the necessary toolkits to develop innovative and engaging communication experience.

We are uniquely positioned in the market as one of the few global players with a complete suite of services ranging from Communication Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) to Video Communication Software-as-a-Service. Businesses can leverage to develop an omnichannel experience – allowing users to communicate on any device (Android, iOS), browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.) and channels (voice, video and messaging).

EnableX also supports multiple deployment options to fit businesses’ goals, budget, security and compliance needs. Most CPaaS providers offer CPaaS on a public platform which cannot address a number of critical enterprise use cases like having a business process workflow within a protected environment. For such requirements, we provide the flexibility to run real time communication in their own private cloud environment, on their own data center/on-premises or a hybrid of both. This will enable businesses to use the service within their preferred, safe and virtualized environment.

In addition, our Next-generation CPaaS is complemented by AI and Machine Learning. For example, our FaceAI leverages on emotion AI to provide deep insights into the emotional impact of each conversation, taking customer experience to a whole new high.

  1. Last year introduced Face Analysis and Emotion Recognition AI solutions. How was the response from your clients? Please elaborate.

With the Face AI, Face Analysis and Emotional recognition AI solution, we are enabling companies with deep insights into the emotional impact of each conversation. Our Face AI solution offers augmented live video combined with Cognitive and Emotional States understanding. We have been well received by the Indian market especially in sectors such as-

 Education– Our clients from the education sector are using FaceAI for effective eLearning. The enormous potential of FaceAI has been proven to be successful during online exam proctoring to analyze unusual patterns, counter cheating issues, and help evaluate students on their academic performance based on their mood, emotions, liveliness during online classes. Beside online proctoring, FaceAI has also helped our clients to engage students effectively. By sensing expressions and interpreting students’ facial features, it reveals meaningful patterns about them which can aid teachers in designing and implementing the right teaching strategy.

 HR– HR professionals are utilizing facial recognition and emotion analysis for improving talent screening. Live videos capabilities can bring candidates face-to-face with recruiters that can make recruitment more scientific, scalable and effective. Online screening and AI-enabled video interviews can help recruiters study body language patterns in real-time through the candidate’s facial expressions and gives an unbiased picture of the candidate’s personality.

 Retail- Retailers can use Emotion AI and Live Video to understand what is driving shopping experiences and purchasing decisions. With EnableX FaceAI, brands can provide live video-stream shopping and use emotions data captured from Facial Analysis and Emotion Recognition AI to offer the right solutions to the right customers. Marketers, on the other hand, can test the success of the marketing campaigns and Ads by measuring their emotional responses.

  1. Is there any other project which you are planning to launch in the coming year?

In the coming year, we are planning to come up with On-premises deployment which will enable businesses which are remotely located or highly regulated to have all or part of the infrastructure hosted on premise, which is not provided by many CPaas providers. While, we are currently providing the on-premise deployment on a customised / ad-hoc basis to the businesses, moving forward we will be coming up with a defined scheme/SOW for quick automated and seamless deployment on any environment.

We will also be enhancing the quality and features of our CPaaS as well as VC/Webinar solutions such as enhanced recording – HD recording and client-side recording (beside the current server side recording that we are offering), Video transcription, and more.

While we have introduced FaceAI for CPaaS, we will be integrating the same technology for our Video conferencing solution.

We will also be offering more no-code Software-as-a Service that is built from our carrier-grade CPaaS such as next-gen Contact Center. This will be useful for service provider to build it on their own cloud/data center and reselling it to their customers

  1. How has been the growth of business in the year 2020? What will be your marketing strategy for the year 2021?

We’ve seen 100% growth quarter-over-quarter in the last few months and are now generating good revenues with a growing number of paying customers for our platform. The number of developers on our platform has grown exponentially and we see the rate of growth only increasing as we further scale up our sales and marketing efforts

The year 2020 saw key trends taking a centre stage, Firstly the increased adoption of video conferencing as an alternative to face-to-face meetings across industries. Secondly, the rising demand of omnichannel experience in order to communicate on their preferred channel – voice, video, email, messaging, etc. on any device which has created a need for communication APIs that allow for this flexibility. Therefore, with respect to the stated facts, we will be focusing on taking customer experience a notch higher, new set of improved enhancements including quality, advanced features, advanced analytics, Visual flow builder for orchestration and automation, etc. We will also be focusing on enhancing our communication APIs (especially video API) to help companies deliver unique value and improve CX excellence.

  1. During Covid-19, the industry suffered in a humongous amount, How has the business expected? How did you manage to survive/grow?

The pandemic has definitely changed the landscape of the industry. Businesses were left with no option then adopting remote working and digital service ecosystems. This increased adoption resulted into a heightened interest in investments related to working technologies and infrastructure ranging from Video Conferencing and collaborative software to project and time management tools, to adding security mechanisms in order to ensure a seamless transition to ‘Work-from-Home’ so that business continues as usual. Therefore, businesses are embracing omnichannel digital communications now more than ever. In such times, It became quintessential to deliver an excellent digital customer experience and smart capabilities for personalization, emotional engagements, and much more.

This has accelerated the adoption of CPaaS providers like us amongst businesses. Through our comprehensive suite of services across channels – voice, video, visit, SMS, and other collaborative tools – we are remarkably positioned to help organizations rapidly and effectively create omnichannel experience in the essential APIs. With the market developing progressively, we are further committed to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients. One of our recently launched solutions-  ‘FaceAI’ is yet another disruptive offering harnessing the power of AI with live video to further enhance customer experience. Moreover, we are supporting multiple deployment options – on premise, private cloud or hybrid –  to fit businesses’ goals, budget, security and compliance needs.

  1. Do you have any recommendations from the Union Budget 2021? If yes, Please elaborate.

Past year has undoubtedly shown us how critical digital transformation is for businesses in the pandemic world. Therefore, with digital transformation being at the forefront in boosting Indian economy, we are expecting that the upcoming budget announcement will bring policies and initiative strengthening the further growth. Initiatives such as 5G rollout needs to be fast- tracked and special focus should be on areas such as cyber security, etc for a robust digital infrastructure. The startup ecosystem needs a lot more support & friendly policies including easier access to capital & funds, easier compliances framework & more friendly employment laws

  1. What are your target markets apart from India, Which of the geographies you are planning to expand in the year 2021?

Our target market areas include Asia Pacific regions including Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. We aim to set a strong base in geographies including South East Asia and North America over the next few months.


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