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BIS TECHNOVATORS | ROBOGYAAN – A Team Roboticizing New India!

BIS kicks-off the first-of-its-kind series and initiative named ‘BIS TECHNOVATORS’. In this segment, BIS aims to be a hawk-eye for those companies and firms who are innovating and disrupting in their respective domains using electronics and next-gen technology. In this edition, we bring you the innovative journey of TALLAM SITARAM, (, TEP/ ISB), Co-Founder & CEO of ROBOGYAAN. ROBOGYAAN for years has been educating children on robotics and other exponential technologies and also has been automating new market verticals through their services and expertise. Niloy gets alongside the man behind the innovation and explores on what makes them the ‘BIS TECHNOVATORS’ for this month.TALLAM SITARAM

  1. What exactly do you do?

Robogyaan was initiated with the motto of educating children on robotics and other exponential technologies. We haven’t limited our services to the cities rather explored across the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. To do so, we got funding from NATS(North America Telugu Society), the US-Based Nonprofit organization working to create sustainability in Telugu states.

Our mission is to leverage the engineering skills and motivate professionals interested in robotics and niche technologies. Robogyaan, is a platform that brings experts, technicians, and allied professionals together to solve social problems through constructive interventions of technology and youth mobilization. We want to build a potential organization that solves social problems and changes the way we live. And also we help students in rising spirits towards innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.  We contribute ourselves in a mission to ‘Transform the Education’ in India.

We the group of emerging engineers who know well about the insufficiency, requirements and essential needs of the students, have resolved to undertake workshops in schools at their convenient timings to counsel and guide the young ones, by explaining to them what they can do and how they can bring Laurels not only to their parents but also to their nation.

We try to install practical and technical knowledge through hands-on sessions to raise the spirits of the students such that they can spin around and inspire others.

Robogyaan specializes in providing experimental and interactive learning solutions through different modes of learning.

  1. What makes Robogyaan’s idea unique and leverages market sense?

We have a strong core team that can build a prototype to any idea that comes into the student’s brain. We have developed a few rapid prototyping kits which motivate children. Robogyaan has a team with knowledge on diversified fields which acts as a unique proposition when compared to others. Recently, we started mentoring children in Atal tinkering labs which made us more unique. After corona pandemic situations we started working on PPE (personal protecting kits) for doctors and contributed ourselves to society. Robogyaan also observed the problem at chicken stalls during weekends and resolved to make things digitalize and started an online chicken home delivery system. We were also working smart starters (mobile operated starter motors in farms) for farmers in collaboration with Kaanthi with the financial support, technical mentorship from IEEE. We have also developed low-cost home automation technology which is ready to go to market after few fundings. All these problem-solving skills, thinking out of the box make us unique from others.

  1. Making yourselves relevant and the growth stature?

I Sitaram Tallam with my friend Sadu Sai Saandeep started an NGO named as ‘SCHOOLRONICS’ at the age of 18. Later, we formed a business organization i.e. ‘ROBOGYAAN’. Initially, we were only an educational company, having passion for technology and flaunting problems solving skills. These qualities helped us attract different fundings for various socio-economic projects. Within 2 years, we were able to manage financial complexions. We were into vast areas of interest and developed a potential corporate network in a very short time.

  1. What is your current offering and its USP? 

To make it simple, As of now, we have 3 projects in our hand. Slowly, we are changing from a service-based company to a product based company. In future, we could offer a product with value-added service offerings. We were also focusing to improve international networks with the hope of opportunities.

  1. What is your revenue mix as of now?

Being a startup, from past 2 years, we were mainly concentrating on sales rather than revenue. In the FY 19-20, we have done workshops with 23 prestigious education institutions and sold kits and electronics worth of 15 lakhs to the electronic shops and schools.

  1. What motivates & keeps you going?

Being the founders (Sitaram Tallam, Sadu Sai Saandeep), we are passionate about driving the organization and create sustainable profits, we are entrepreneurs by heart and not by words. So, self-motivation is the key which helps us driving ahead. I also spend some time reading stories of successful entrepreneurs which gives enough motivation. Dr. Hafeez Basha (Advisor- UPSC, AIM-Mentor- NITI-Aayog) helped us a lot in networking to keep going. Our team really feels happy to have mentors like Dr. Hafeez Basha, C.V.Mahesh Kumar  (COO, Orbit Shifters).


Niloy Banerjee

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