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Blue Coat Enhances Cyber Espionage Security

Blue Coat Enhances Cyber Espionage SecurityBlue Coat Systems, a player in the enterprise security market, has announced the addition of Mail Threat Defense to its portfolio of Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) solutions. With the addition of mail threat defence, Blue Coat provides protection against the common trifecta of attack vectors – web, email and network.

According to Verizon 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report, the email attack vector accounts for 80% of APT malware used for cyber-espionage. Blue Coat Labs recently uncovered Inception Framework, a malware attack targeting military diplomats and business executives. The framework uses infected email attachments as one of the many layers of the cyber-attack framework.

“As email phishing and other malware schemes grow increasingly sophisticated and deceptive, even the most well-meaning, cautious employees can be fooled into clicking on a malicious attachment, leading enterprises to seek additional protection for this critical but sometimes overlooked threat vector,” said Dr. Hugh Thompson, CTO and senior vice president of Blue Coat. “The majority of work communication happens over email. The more messages you receive, the less amount of time you may devote to reading each message thoroughly, and if you’re using a mobile device, the greater risk of being duped. Our new Mail Threat Defense allows employees to be both productive and protected.”

Blue Coat’s Mail Threat Defense protects against email-borne malware and extracts malicious content without disrupting message flow. Mail Threat Defense functions based on the following capabilities:

  • Pre-delivery inspection: Examines email attachments and tests embedded links for malicious activities before the email reaches the end user
  • Configurable Policies: Determines course of action to the message and attachment based on level of risk and end-user, including quarantines, warnings, removals, and replacements
  • Global Intelligence: Integrates with the Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network providing threat sharing from more than 15,000 enterprises around the world to quickly identify new threats and fortify frontline defenses.


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