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Blue Lights Are Increasingly Gaining Prominence

Rakesh Zutshi Halonix
Rakesh Zutshi, Managing Director, Halonix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Blue lights are increasingly gaining prominence and the industry is all prepared for the emerging opportunities in this particular segment, Rakesh Zutshi, Managing Director, Halonix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, in an erudite conversation with  Jyoti Gazmer, BISInfotech Sub-Editor sheds light on the latest LED technology and its perquisite  in India. Edited Nub

1) Can you take us through the major advantages of Blue Lights over the white LED lights?

Peaceful, gentle and calm, the Blue Lights are known for their exclusive qualities. In comparison with conventional white LED lights, Blue Lights accelerate the relaxation process after acute psychological stress. Especially beneficial during daylight hours, the Blue Lights are known for boosting attention, mood and reaction time.

2) On the contrary, some studies have suggested that Blue Lights are unhealthy for human especially the eyes. Any comments on this?

Long time exposure to Blue light is, of course, unhealthy for human eyes. While natural exposure to blue light through sunlight during daytime boosts energy and alertness of the people, elongated exposure to Blue light emitting devices are unhealthy for human eyes.  Especially man-made indoor sources of blue light such as the LED display screens of computers, smartphones, notebooks and various other digital devices which emit a significant amount of blue light are extremely harmful to human eyes. Even though these devices have become inseparable parts of our lives and so it’s advisable to take frequent breaks while using them to give rest to the eyes.

3) Do we foresee any technological progressions in Blue Lights domain in the way forward?

The future holds massive prospects for technological development in Blue LED domain. While Blue lights have already gained prominence in the healthcare segment in the treatment of acne, psoriasis and other skin related problems it has a growing future in Food preservation industry. Blue Lights are being developed as an alternative to chemical based food preservatives. Blue LEDs can potentially eliminate bacteria without any toxic chemicals. In India, Blue lights are increasingly being used in consumer electronic devices, backup cameras, and strobe lights.

4) In your opinion, how beneficial do you think it would be to add the Blue Lights in car lighting?

Blue lights are known for reducing sleepiness while driving, hence, they are used in cars to keep the driver awake and alert behind the wheels.  Due to their short wavelength, Blue lights produce a higher amount of energy so they are used in car interiors as well as in-car bacon.

5) While the traditional lighting systems in streets, offices, airports, .etc. in India have begun replacing it with LED lights, how prepared is India for the Blue Lights?

India is currently going through LED revolution and the industry has already ramped up the pace to keep up with the latest trends. Blue lights are increasingly gaining prominence and the industry is all prepared for the emerging opportunities in this particular segment.

6) Lastly, what challenges and scopes do you foresee in 2019?

With the growth in the manufacturing of smartphones, tablets and computer screen, Blue lights have a promising future in the year 2019. LED lighting sector has revealed its significant potential by occupying the major pie of the overall lighting market in 2018 and now it’s moving towards another growth trajectory.

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