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BLUEHERO™ Electrification Initiative at the Battery Show Europe 2022

SABIC’s new BLUEHERO electrification initiative also leverages specific knowledge and expertise around large part molding, compression molding, advanced injection molding.

BLUEHERO™ electrification initiative by SABIC will be showcased at The Battery Show Europe 2022 (Booth 8-F10) from June 28 to 30 in Stuttgart, Germany.

BLUEHEROThe BLUEHERO initiative underscores SABIC’s commitment to help support the shift to electric power, with the delivery of automotive polymer materials, solutions and capabilities for the enhancement of EV battery systems as its first area of focus.

BLUEHERO aimed to help accelerate the world’s energy transition to electric power and support meeting global goals on climate change. The company’s starting point with BLUEHERO is support of the automotive industry’s mission to create better, safer and more efficient electric vehicles (EVs), with an emphasis on improving structural battery components with unique flame retardant materials and solution development expertise.

SABIC’s new BLUEHERO electrification initiative also leverages specific knowledge and expertise around large part molding, compression molding, advanced injection molding and polymer flame interaction to help support customers with solutions that can meet critical requirements and enable efficient production.

With promising opportunities for the world to employ electric technologies, SABIC anticipates expanding the focus and scope of its BLUEHERO initiative to help support efforts in additional sectors. Those could potentially include energy storage, charging infrastructure, other modes of transport and industrial and consumer equipment.

The automotive industry is leading the charge in moving toward new, more sustainable mobility systems. This includes a major shift towards battery powered EVs, which can convert over 77 percent of electricity into movement compared to only 12 to 30% for vehicles with internal combustion engines. In addition to this high performance, EVs also emit no tailpipe pollutants and are typically responsible for significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions during operation – enabling important contributions to meeting global goals on climate change.

“The global transition toward clean energy and decarbonization is driving innovation in batteries at an ever faster pace and the battery industry needs new materials with the right property profiles to implement more sustainable, safer and efficient energy storage concepts,” said Bob Maughon, Executive Vice President, Sustainability, Technology & Innovation and Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer at SABIC. “We are firmly committed to support manufacturers with dedicated R&D, focused application engineering, regulatory expertise, and one of the most comprehensive portfolios of high-performance thermoplastics available today so they can make the advances needed to help the world accelerate the shift to clean electricity.”


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