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Borland updates Silk Portfolio – focusing on performance and collaboration across all testing assets

Borland Micro Focus Company

Borland, a Micro Focus company has announced updates to the Borland Silk Portfolio – spreading its broad range of quality and performance testing tools for desktop, web, cloud and mobile to include network and collaborative testing.

In order to supply quality business applications that work perfectly and to meet the prospects of today’s commercial software consumers, enterprise organizations need to understand and test true user experience on a large and global scale. Micro Focus is aiming to anticipate and address every challenge of their customers across the testing segment of the software development supply chain, by helping them keeping pace with end user and business demands for high quality applications.

Archie Roboostoff, Borland Solutions Portfolio Director at Micro Focus further added “End user expectations are higher than ever, which puts enormous pressure on software development teams to deliver sub-second response times, right-first-time applications and new products every few months.”

“The latest updates to our Silk Portfolio deliver on this mission, particularly with the introduction of industry-leading functionalities that broaden the test scope to include network infrastructure virtualization and an increasing range of internal enterprise applications behind the firewall,” added Roboostoff.

“Delivering an exceptional user experience is now essential for any business engaging with its customers through applicationssays Nitin Dang, Country Manager, Micro Focus India Pvt Ltd. “With the e-retail boom in India, organizations, today’s application developers and testers need a mobile strategy with an integrated and automated approach. This allows them to effectively and efficiently develop and test apps, whilst taking into account the plethora of operating systems and devices available, and manage the proliferating workload generated by the mobile multiplier effect.”

Silk Portfolio updates include:

  • Silk Performer – Borland Silk Performer is a software performance testing tool, perform load testing and stress testing across web, mobile and enterprise applications. In a new update, Network emulation has been introduced to simulate mobile bandwidth limitations, packet drop rates and latency, permitting software development teams to measure the influence of diverse network settings such as poor antenna signal, high latency on long distance connections and reduced transfer rates.
  • Silk Test –Borland’s automated functional and regression testing tool. Keyword-driven testing has been added. Silk Test keeps test design isolated from the definite test script to boost productivity and collaboration between users, and to let key stakeholders, such as line of business owners, simply contribute in application testing. Cross-browser support has also been improved, permitting users to instantly validate their web app on the new browser kinds when they are released without the need to update Silk Test.
  • Silk Central – Borland’s Test management software, Keyword-driven testing has been added to aid collaboration across business and technical teams, and advance productivity. The keyword-driven testing amalgamation between Silk Central and Silk Test brings a seamless transition from manual to automated testing for all users.
  • Silk Performer CloudBurst – Support for testing of non-web enterprise apps like SAPGUI, Oracle Apps and Citrix from the Cloud using in-built VPN (Virtual private network) has been included. This permits enterprises to influence the elasticity of the Cloud to test the performance of their most important enterprise applications.

“The Silk Portfolio end-to-end quality solution helps development organizations manage the uncertainties and risk brought about by new technology platforms, multiple devices and network speeds, and the increasing pace of product deliveries, all while ensuring the new notion of quality throughout the software development lifecycle,” the press release states.

To know more about the Borland Silk product click this link



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